Ziad Nawfal for Movement Radio // 04 January 2022

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Movement Radio in Athens, featuring music from Lebanon, Indonesia and Germany:

1. Kinematik – Al Jadi (Capricorn) [LB]
2. Senyawa – Alkisah I [ID]
3. TEDTEDTED – Cama [LB]
4. NP [Anthony Sahyoun & Jad Atoui] – Coins with Memory [LB]
5. Liliane Chlela & Ziad Moukarzel – Dahr el Baydar [LB]
6. Two or The Dragon – Dance Grooves for The Weary (Part 1) [LB]
7. Calamita – The Industry [LB/IT]
8. Sharif Sehnaoui & Tony Elieh – Woe to Him [LB]
9. Stellar Banger [Giw/Hout/Kobeissy/Turnbull] – Put Your Medicine In Your Banana Bag [LB/DE]

[This mix was commissioned and produced by Onassis Cultural Center, and presented for the first time in the frame of MOVEMENT RADIO]


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