Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Movement Radio // 04 October 2022

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Movement Radio in Athens, featuring music from Lebanon and the UK. This mix was commissioned and produced by Onassis Cultural Center, and presented for the first time in the frame of MOVEMENT RADIO.

1. Julia Sabra & Fadi Tabbal – Roots [LB]
2. Yara Asmar – Numbers Don’t Make Good Friends [LB]
3. Jad Atoui & Jawad Nawfal – Reading 1 [LB]
4. Marc Codsi – Finding Home [LB]
5. Postcards – Keep the Elephant in The Room (with Serge Yared) [LB]
6. Elyse Tabet – We Slept Through the Day [LB]
7. Xlmxkhfi – Movement Song [LB]
8. Fadi Tabbal – Are Aquariums Moral [LB]
9. Marc Codsi – Hangar #12 [LB]
10. Xlmxkhfi – Black Beach [LB]
11. Postcards – Kozo [LB]
12. Mayssa Jallad & Khaled Allaf – Madina Min Baeed [LB]
13. Stress Distress – Different Currencies [LB]
14. Muslimgauze & The Rootsman – Fuck Yitzhak Rabin / Fuck Ehud Olmert [UK]

Photo by Nour Raad

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