THE INCOMPETENTS // 2nd Ruptured Session // 17 Oct 2011

With a new album (almost) in hand, two concerts scheduled for late October and early November 2011, and another full-blown album in the works, it was high time that The Incompetents (Serge Yared & Fadi Tabbal) took over the studios of Radio Lebanon for the second time, with their ranting, raving, on-air arguments, and of course, some pretty competent music playing!

Incompetents (part 1) + Incompetents (part 2)

Track listing:
The Incompetents LIVE *Disposable Valentine
The Incompetents LIVE *Cannibal Blues
The Incompetents LIVE *This Gun’s for Hire
The Incompetents LIVE *Prelude To An Abyss
The Incompetents (Daniel Johnston cover)
The Incompetents (Tom Waits cover)
The Incompetents LIVE *Closing Time
The Incompetents LIVE *Cannibal Blues (bis, because the first take did not work out so well!)
The Incompetents LIVE *After Hours (Velvet Underground cover)
The Incompetents (feat. Wissam Charaf)

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi & Ghalas Charara]

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