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Lebanese folk singer/songwriter Allen Seif, aka OAK, was the guest of Ruptures, for an interview and live performance showcasing his music career in Lebanon and Australia.
[Live sound by Fadi Tabbal]

Listen to Part 1: ruptures with Oak 22 Dec 2014 (part 1)
[Oak / Pink Floyd / U2 / OAK live performance / Neil Young]
— Live sound by Fadi Tabbal —

Listen to Part 2: ruptures with Oak 22 Dec 2014 (part 2)
[REM / Broken Bells / OAK live performance / Leonard Cohen / OAK live performance / Ron Sexsmith]
— Live sound by Fadi Tabbal —

For more on OAK:


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Ziad Nawfal presents
CD release + live performances

Charbel Haber (featuring surprise guest)
Liliane Chlela


On Thursday 21 March 2013, starting 9pm
At Yukunkun, Rue du Liban, Gemmayzeh, Beirut



The Ruptured Sessions is a series of live recordings produced by Lebanese radio host Ziad Nawfal in the studios of Radio Lebanon. The sessions take place during Nawfal’s weekly program Ruptures, with musicians from Beirut’s alternative scene and elsewhere.

Volume 5 documents the city’s younger wave of electronic composers, and features performances from the likes of Jad Atoui, Liliane Chlela, Mocques and RadioKVM. Also included are recordings from American experimental musician Robert Lowe (in his Lichens guise); up-and-coming international projects Praed and Under The Carpet; as well as an exclusive duo of Lebanese guitarist extraordinaire Charbel Nicolas Haber and Canadian sound-maker Radwan Ghazi Moumneh.

The sessions for Volume 5 were recorded in Beirut by sound engineer and musician Fadi Tabbal; and subsequently mastered in Berlin by Belgian artist and producer C-drík, who also worked on Ruptured releases El Rass and Under The Carpet.



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[All designs by Maya Chami]

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>> The Incompetents‘ latest full-length CD, Of Minor Differences… And Narcissism, released in November 2012, is now available for sale in Lebanon at the following spots:
Beirut Art Center (Sin el Fil)
Dar Bookstore (Hamra)
Chico Video (Hamra)
Music Now (Hamra)

>> The following 2 CDs, which were released by the Berlin-based Syrphe label in the summer of 2012:
Infinite Moment Of Composure (Jawad Nawfal & Liliane Chlela): Turbulence
Tasjiil Moujahed (Munma & Kirdec): Self-titled
… are now available for sale in Lebanon at Beirut Art Center (Sin el Fil, 5 copies of each) and Music Now (Hamra, 5 copies of each)
Very nice artworks by Liliane Chlela and Maria Kassab, too!

>> There are only 10 copies remaining of the CD compilation The Ruptured Sessions volume 3, released in the summer of 2010, out of an initial run of 500.

This compilation features exclusive radio versions, recorded during the Ruptures program on Radio Lebanon 96.2FM, of tracks by Intensive Care (now Wake Island), Eileen Khatchadourian, Mashrou’ Leila, and others…

These last 10 copies are found at Beirut Art Center (Sin el Fil, 5 copies) and Music Now (Hamra, 5 copies)…
There will be no reprint — hurry up and get yours 🙂


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Volume 4 of celebrated CD series The Ruptured Sessions brings together a selection of some of the finest performers in the world of contemporary electronica, including artists Discipline, Radwan Moumneh, Munma and OkyDoky from Lebanon, as well as internationally celebrated musicians Tashweesh (Palestine), C-drík (Belgium), and Enduser (USA). The sessions were mastered in Germany by C-drík, in his Berlin studio.

About the compilations:

‘The Ruptured Sessions’ is a series of live recordings curated by producer/promoter Ziad Nawfal, and taking place during his weekly ‘Ruptures’ program on Radio Lebanon 96.2FM. These recordings focus on musicians from Lebanon’s alternative music scenes (alternative folk & rock, electronica, improvisation, etc.), as well as visiting international musicians.



> Tashweesh: Untitled

> Discipline: Untitled sketch (for “Beyrouth”)



x Read Natalie Shooter’s review for NOW Lebanon (March 4, 2012):

“This week, local music mogul Ziad Nawfal, who hosts the Ruptures radio program, launched the fourth CD in a series of live session recordings. The Ruptured Sessions, Volume 4 is an experimental, electronic affair with seven different artists.

“Untitled Sketch,” by Discipline, is a gently contemplative minimalist piece. Tashweesh – an electronic multimedia project involving some former members of Palestinian hip hop crew Ramallah Underground – offers up a track of soulful hip hop […]. OkyDoky launches a synth-assault in the upbeat, electro-pop track “I am a robot.” Lebanese producer Ghazi Moumeh provides a glitchy slow-paced interlude with “Ya dam’ at al ‘ain.” C-Drik does high-pitched silence in “De vous je me détache,” a […] minimal track composed of occasional bell tolls and one long, drawn out cello note, that […] create a haunting atmosphere. Munma’s “Explorer + Soft integration” is dark brooding minimal tech. The final track from Enduser is the highlight of the album, incorporating a chaotic, bass-heavy jungle beat, samples of Tasmin Archer’s rather cheesy 90s hit “Sleeping Satellite,” and an oriental style dance-off with sweeping strings fighting against the grinding beat.”


[Design by Youmna Habbouche]

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Monday 6 June 2011, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Intensive Care (Ruptured session)
2. Intensive Care
3. White Trees
4. Zeid & The Wings
5. Fareeq el Atrash (Ruptured session)
6. Fareeq el Atrash
7. Lumi

Listen to Part 1: ruptures 6 june (part 1)

8. Eileen Khatchadourian (Ruptured session)
9. Sandmoon (Ruptured session)
10. Lazzy Lung
11. Shoot Shoot!
12. Lazzy Lung (Ruptured session)
13. Scrambled Eggs
14. White Trees (Ruptured session)
15. Mashrou’ Leila (Ruptured session)

Listen to Part 2: ruptures 6 June (part 2)

The record of the evening:

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June 8th, 2011 will see the release of The Ruptured Sessions volume 3, a CD compilation of some of Beirut’s most talented pop, rock & funk musicians, with tracks recorded live in the studios of Radio Lebanon 96.2FM.

This compilation features exclusive tracks by:

Fareeq el Atrash
Intensive Care
Eileen Khatchadourian
Lazzy Lung
Mashrou’ Leila
White Trees



x To read the Time Out review from July 2011, click on the following link: RS#3 TO July 2011


[Design by Youmna Habbouche]

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Volumes 1 and 2 of the CD series The Ruptured Sessions, released by the Ruptured label in 2009 and 2010, were reviewed by British magazine The Wire in its December 2010 issue.

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Volume 2 of the CD series The Ruptured Sessions, as reviewed by Thomas Millroth for the very fabulous music blog Soundofmusic, on December 1st, 2010.


Thomas Millroth is a Swedish writer and art critic. Nowadays he runs the Olof Bright label, alongside Swedish reeds player and improviser Mats Gustafsson.

Unfortunately for readers from this part of the world, Thomas’s review is in Swedish. It’s never too late for a trip to Scandinavia, is what I’m thinking.


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The Ruptured Sessions, volume 2 / CD release + live performances

At Beirut Art Center, Wednesday 4 August 2010 at 8 pm
Entrance + CD: 20 000 LL

A CD compilation gathering some of the most notorious protagonists of Beirut’s experimental music scene, captured live in the studios of Radio Lebanon

<< About the sessions >>

“The Ruptured Sessions” is a series of live recordings that take place in the studios of Radio Lebanon 96.2FM, during Ziad Nawfal’s weekly “Ruptures” program. These recordings focus on musicians from Lebanon’s alternative music scenes (alternative folk & rock, electronica, improvisation, etc.), as well as visiting foreign musicians.



x To read Dan Warburton’s review for The Wire, click here

x To read the Daily Star – Lebanon review of the album launch (August 2010), click on the following link: RS2, Daily Star 06-08-2010


[Design by Youmna Habbouche]

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So here it is at last.
The first CD to be recorded in the studios of RADIO LEBANON 96.2FM, during the RUPTURES radio show…

We are releasing the CD, in the presence of the artists, over the course of a unique celebration at our favorite hot-spot, the WALIMAT Restaurant in HAMRA, on APRIL 30, from 5-8pm.

There will be wine, food, singing and dancing.
No, seriously:

– Acoustic Performances by CRISTOBAL, YOUMNA SABA, and The INCOMPETENTS
– The Projection Premiere of Youmna Saba’s ISMAK, a videoclip by Youmna Habbouche and Joe Elias
– Music by Dj Eject

[Design by Youmna Habbouche]

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