Ziad Nawfal for Movement Radio // 05 April 2022

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Movement Radio in Athens, featuring music from Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Armenia, Canada and the USA:

  1. Zuli – Robotic Handshakes In 4D [EG]
  2. Muqata’a – Hafl Tanakuri (Babok Remix) [PS]
  3. El Rass – Bous el wa7ch [LB]
  4. Kid Fourteen – Whirlwind Blues [LB]
  5. Lumi – Talk to You [LB]
  6. Wake Island – Milad Majik [LB]
  7. Kinematik – Lalochezia [LB]
  8. The Dwarfs of East Agouza – Baka of The Future [US/CA/EG]
  9. Panstarrs – Khally Balak Hatmoot [EG]
  10. Day None – Honey [LB]
  11. Rakans – Red Sulfur [LB]
  12. Khoum – Shountch [AM]
  13. Scrambled Eggs – Building A Nest [LB]

[This mix was commissioned and produced by Onassis Cultural Center, and presented for the first time in the frame of MOVEMENT RADIO]

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