Ziad Nawfal for Radio Ma3azef // 13 April 2022

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Radio Ma3azef in Tunis, featuring artists from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and Iraq:

  1. Alko B [LB]
  2. Wake Island [LB]
  3. Loopstache [LB]
  4. Interbellum [LB]
  5. Ramly [LB]
  6. Filter Happier [LB]
  7. Sandmoon [LB]
  8. Alif [IQ/UK/EG/PS/LB]
  9. Kinematik [LB]
  10. Gurumiran [LB]
  11. Kid Fourteen [LB]
  12. Maurice Louca [EG]
  13. PanSTARRS [EG]
  14. Maryam Saleh + Zeid Hamdan [EG/LB]
  15. Rust [LB]
  16. Muqata’a [PS]

Ziad Nawfal for Movement Radio // 05 April 2022

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Movement Radio in Athens, featuring music from Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Armenia, Canada and the USA:

  1. Zuli – Robotic Handshakes In 4D [EG]
  2. Muqata’a – Hafl Tanakuri (Babok Remix) [PS]
  3. El Rass – Bous el wa7ch [LB]
  4. Kid Fourteen – Whirlwind Blues [LB]
  5. Lumi – Talk to You [LB]
  6. Wake Island – Milad Majik [LB]
  7. Kinematik – Lalochezia [LB]
  8. The Dwarfs of East Agouza – Baka of The Future [US/CA/EG]
  9. Panstarrs – Khally Balak Hatmoot [EG]
  10. Day None – Honey [LB]
  11. Rakans – Red Sulfur [LB]
  12. Khoum – Shountch [AM]
  13. Scrambled Eggs – Building A Nest [LB]

[This mix was commissioned and produced by Onassis Cultural Center, and presented for the first time in the frame of MOVEMENT RADIO]

Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Radio Alhara // 16 June 2021

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Radio Alhara in Bethlehem – Music from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Switzerland, Canada and the USA:

  1. Postcards – Home Is So Sad
  2. Twyn Towers – Ave Pariah
  3. Préfaces – El Jaguar
  4. Wake Island – Sleep 2.0
  5. Pomme Rouge – Honey Crisp (Etyen Rework)
  6. Rise 1969 – Vah Naboris (Etyen Remix)
  7. Tryangle Man – Esmeray
  8. Yasmine Hamdan – Al Jamilat (Matias Aguayo Remix)
  9. Liliane Chlela – Moukassarat
  10. Jana Saleh – Al Atlal (Om Kalthoum Rework) [excerpt]
  11. Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler – Wa Part 1 [excerpt]
  12. Praed Orchestra! – Mirage 72
  13. Nadah el Shazly – Barzakh
  14. Maurice Louca – The Palm Of A Ghost (feat. Nadah el Shazly)
  15. Rêves Sonores – Seers Theme

Ruptures Radio Show // 23 March 2018

Saturday 23 March 2018, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, Maryam Saleh & Maurice Louca: Nefsif akli (ps/eg)
2. Mutamassik: Waiting for my orders (us)
3. Aya Metwalli: Fein enta (eg)
4. Munma: Muse (lb)
5. omrr: Quicksands (eg)
6. Cosmic Analog Ensemble: Pourparlers + Les sourdes oreilles (lb)
7. Zeid Hamdan: Mekdass w Abel (lb)
8. Wake Island: Never entirely there (lb/ca)
9. Sufyvn: Dust (sd)
10. Dwarfs Of East Agouza: Rats don’t eat synthesizers (us/ca/eg)
11. Gökçen Kaynatan: Sihirbaz (tr)
12. KELAB (eg)
13. Mutamassik: Marvellous in training (us)

Décalages Radio Show // 1 Jan 2017

Sunday 1st January 2017, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

The best way to start the year, undoubtedly, with a selection of tracks from Lebanese, Palestinian and Egyptian artists and bands:

1. Safar: No service (lb)
2. Alko B: Charlie / And out (lb)
3. Nadine Khouri: A song to the city (lb)
4. Ramly: The cold (lb)
5. Aya Metwalli: Triangle (eg)
6. Bachar Mar-Khalife: Ya nas (lb)
7. Maii & Zeid: Hassafer baeed (eg/lb)
8. Zeid & The Wings: Cowards (lb)
9. Wake Island: Milad majik (lb)
10. Gurumiran: Dreamer (lb)
11. Filter Happier: Dust (lb)
12. Fadi Tabbal: A glass tower (lb)
13. Youmna Saba: Khyout / Sadeeq (lb)
14. Youmna Saba: Al hitan (lb)
15. Postcards: Porto (lb)
16. Charlie Rayne: Madeleines (lb)
17. Serge Yared: 2HJ (lb)
18. The Incompetents: Closing time (lb)
19. Heroes & Villains: Out of credit (lb)
20. Etyen: Lo siento (lb)
21. Kid Fourteen: Find your lover (lb)
22. Mashrou’ Leila: Wa nueid (lb)
23. Sandmoon: Time has yet to come (lb)
24. White Trees: Natural symphony of sounds and colors (lb)
25. Safar: Wa namchi (lb)
26. Interbellum: Double back (lb)
27. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh: Hob (ps)
28. Maryam Saleh: Walaa soda (eg)
29. Mme Chandelier: Minimal potato (lb)
30. El Rass & Munma: Kashghara (lb)


Ruptures Radio Show // 12 Aug 2016

Friday 12 August 2016, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Alif: I’tiraf (iq/eg/ps/lb)
2. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh: Takhabot (ps)
3. Karkhana: Nafas (lb/ca/eg/us/tr)
4. Shalabi Effect: Beauty Queen Crime Scene (ca)
5. Malayeen: Najwa (lb)
6. ‘A’ Trio & Alan Bishop: Gently Johnny (us/lb)
7. Dwarfs Of East Agouza: Hungry Bears Don’t Dance (us/ca/eg)
8. Nadim Mishlawi: Dream 5 (lb)
9. Kid Fourteen: It’s A Lovely Night (lb)
10. Heroes and Villains: Before The Film (lb/ca)
11. Wake Island: Bend Again (lb/ca)
12. Seamus Cater: Smoking And Smiling (uk)
13. Scrambled Eggs: Building A Nest (lb)


(2014 end-of-year lists) – WAKE ISLAND

I asked some of my musician friends from Beirut, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2014…
Or the music they’ve listened to the most during the past year, regardless of date of release


Philippe Manasseh

In no particular order:

– Timber Timbre: Hot Dreams
– Bantam Wing: You Keep Going On
– The Notwist: Close To The Glass
– Zaki Nassif: ‘Achikat el Ward
– Damon Albarn: Everyday Robots
– Aphex Twin: Syro
– Sabah & Wadih el Safi: Souvenirs Vol. 1
– Maria Callas: By Request…
– Bear In Heaven: Time Is Over One Day Old
– Yasmine Hamdan: Ya Nass
– Philippe Katerine: Magnum
– Moonface: City Wrecker
– Rodriguez: Cold Fact
– James Irwin: Unreal

Nadim Maghzal

In no particular order:

– Micheal Feuerstack: Tambourine Death Bed
– Youmna Saba: Njoum
– Caribou: Swim /// Our Love
– Country: Failure
– Jerusalem In My Heart: Mo7it el mo7it
– James Irwin: Unreal
– The Notwist: Close To The Glass
– Timber Timbre: Hot Dreams
– Moonface: Julia With Blue Jeans On
– Destroyer: Kaputt
– Erik Hove: Saturated Colour
– Thus Owls: Turning Rocks



Ruptures Radio Show // 14 Apr 2014

Monday 14 April 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Loopstache
2. Loopstache [Franz Ferdinand cover]
3. Who Killed Bruce Lee
4. Spoils & Servants
5. Wake Island
6. Wanton Bishops
7. Scrambled Eggs
8. Jammit The Band
9. El Far3i
10. Latlateh
11. Deeb (feat. Edd Abbas)

12. Tripnol
13. Khotta B
14. Chyno
15. Trash Inc. [Mohammed Abdel-Wahab Rework]
16. Aziza
17. Fady Aswad



(2012 end-of-year lists) – NADIM MAGHZAL

I asked some of my favorite musician and artist friends, from Beirut and beyond, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2012…
Alternately, they could also provide me with a list of the records they listened to the most in 2012, regardless of date of release.

Nadim Maghzal (musician, Wake Island)

1- Moonface (With Siinai): Heartbreaking Bravery
2- Grizzly Bear: Shields
3- St. Vincent: Strange Mercy
4- Godspeed You! Black Emperor: ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
5- Dirty Projectors: Swing Lo Magellan
6- Here We Go Magic: A Different Ship
7- Flying Lotus: Until The Quiet Comes
8- Patrick Watson: Adventures In Your Own Backyard
9- Tame Impala: Lonerism
10- The Luyas: Animator

(2012 end-of-year lists) – PHILIPPE MANASSEH

I asked some of my favorite musician and artist friends, from Beirut and beyond, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2012…
Alternately, they could also provide me with a list of the records they listened to the most in 2012, regardless of date of release.

Philippe Manasseh (musician, Wake Island)

– Moonface (With Siinai): Heartbreaking Bravery
– Grizzly Bear: Shields
– Chromatics: Kill For Love
– Fiona Apple: The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
– Here We Go Magic: A Different Ship
– The Antlers: Undersea EP
– Kendrick Lamar: Good Kid, M.A.A.D City
– Patrick Watson: Adventures In Your Own Backyard
– Tame Impala: Lonerism