Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Radio Alhara – Marc Codsi Edition // 20 July 2022

Coinciding with the release of Lebanese musician and producer MARC CODSI’s new album THE SILENCE BETWEEN THE NEW WORLD AND THE AFTERMATH by Ruptured, Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for RADIO ALHARA consisted exclusively of tracks by Marc Codsi, taken from both his solo and various group projects.

  1. Marc Codsi – 1979 [Faded Postcards]
  2. Scrambled Eggs – We Should Share More Than Circumstance [No Special Date nor A Deity to Venerate]
  3. Lumi – Raised in Fire [The Night Was a Liar]
  4. Marc Codsi – Piano Part 2 [Faded Postcards]
  5. Marc Codsi – A Light [V/A Nisf Madeena]
  6. Zalfa – Law Ma [Fi Dam]
  7. Scrambled Eggs – Just [Nevermind Where, Just Drive]
  8. Marc Codsi – Invocation I [A New World]
  9. Marc Codsi – Hangar #12 [The Silence Between the New World and The Aftermath]
  10. Marc Codsi – Empty Resonant Shells [V/A Anthology of Electroacoustic Lebanese Music]
  11. Marc Codsi – Faded Postcard 1 [Faded Postcards]
  12. Marc Codsi – Finding Home [The Silence Between the New World and The Aftermath]
  13. Marc Codsi – Encounters II [A New World]

Photo by Tanya Traboulsi

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