Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Movement Radio // 14 October 2021

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Movement Radio in Athens, featuring music from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Iran and Germany. This mix was commissioned and produced by Onassis Cultural Center, and presented for the first time in the frame of MOVEMENT RADIO.

1. NP [Anthony Sahyoun & Jad Atoui] – Coins With Memory [LB]
2. Julmud – Fel Bo2s [PS]
3. FRKTL – Haruspex [EG]
4. Muqata’a – Ikmal [PS]
5. Abadir – IV [EG]
6. Rust – Mawali [LB]
7. Raed Yassin – The Cyber Oracle [LB]
8. Asifeh – Miqyas Kardashev [PS]
9. Liliane Chlela – Moukassarat [LB]
10. Stellar Banger – Put Your Medicine In Your Banana Bag [LB/DE]
11. Safa – 1000 Months [LB]
12. Aya Metwalli – Triangle [EG]
13. Kid Fourteen – Strangers Rule This World [LB]
14. Saint Abdullah – Of Us [IR]

Photo by Marwan Issa


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