Ziad Nawfal’s Hisstology Compendium, Part 1 // 17 February 2021


With an unparalleled discography of over 80 full-length albums since 2005, Charif Megarbane is the prolific Lebanese producer and multi-instrumentalist behind Cosmic Analog Ensemble, Heroes & Villains, Twyn Towers and Monumental Detail, among others.

Here is the first part of a three-part tribute to his music(s), effortlessly strolling from acoustic folk, free jazz and Saharan blues to cinematic soul, grainy funk and old European film scores.

Excerpts from the following albums:

– Anatomy Of A Moment: Infants-Children-Teenagers
– Concrete Abstracts
– Innertimes/Outerspace
– Plays Fayrouz
– Ya3tik el 3afieh
– Ghost Notes In Between
– Like Morning To The Insomniac
– 4/4 x 10
– In The Land Of A Thousand Snares
– œ
– Monumental Detail
– Fish Fingers
– Kachumbari
– As The Suntanned Shared A Toast
– Ruptured Sessions Vol. 6: For Beirut

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