Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Radio Alhara // 18 November 2020

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Radio Alhara in Bethlehem – featuring music from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, France, Canada and the USA:

1. Alko B – Palm Tree in Cairo City [LB]
2. The Incompetents – Grey Midas [LB]
3. The Butcher’s Bride (Liliane Chlela & Hamed Sinno) – Lipsync [LB]
4. Faten Kanaan – Three Arches [US]
5. Fadi Tabbal – The New and Improved Guide to Birdwatching Vol.3 (Patricia Wolf Beatless Remix) [LB/US]
6. Al Nather – Su3ad [PS]
7. General Order 1 – Salve [LB]
8. Bikya – Sherif [EG]
9. Nadah el Shazly – Palmyra [EG]
10. Karkhana – Huli Huli [LB/EG/TR/US/CA]
11. Oiseaux-Tempête – Through the Speech of Stars (feat. Radwan Ghazi Moumneh) [FR/LB]

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