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Monday 22 July 2013, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Zeid & The Wings
2. Zeid & The Wings
3. Maii Waleed (Zeid Hamdan prod.)
4. Maryam Saleh (Zeid Hamdan prod.)
5. Fareeq el Atrash
6. Zeineddine & Narcicyst
7. El Rass & Munma
8. El Rass & Munma
9. Maryam Saleh (Zeid Hamdan prod.)

> Listen to Part 1: ruptures 22 july 2013 (part 1)

10. Soapkills
11. Asaf Avidan
12. Jerusalem In My Heart
13. The Incompetents
14. Beirut Scum Society
15. Scrambled Eggs

> Listen to Part 2: ruptures 22 july 2013 (part 2)

The record of the evening


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I asked some of my favorite musician and artist friends, from Beirut and beyond, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2012…
Alternately, they could also provide me with a list of the records they listened to the most in 2012, regardless of date of release.

Zeid Hamdan (musician, Zeid & The Wings)

– Mayer Hawthorne: A Strange Arrangement
– Die Antwoord: TEN$ION
– Rover: Self-titled
– El Rass & Munma: Kachf el Mahjoub (Unveiling The Hidden)
– Alpha Blondy: Jah Glory
– Various Artists: Beirut Hotel OST
– Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba: Segu Blue
– Sheikh Imam (various tracks)
– Oka W Ortega (various tracks)
– Zeid Hamdan: Roundtrip OST

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Zeid Hamdan, the man behind Soapkills, New Government, and countless others, was the guest of Ruptures to showcase his new project, Zeid & The Wings.

The band performed live in the studios of Radio Lebanon (5 songs, no less), and spoke at length about its numerous activities, including its appearance in the much-touted Shankaboot (www.shankaboot.com) concert extravaganza.

Audio linkszeid and the wings 1 + zeid and the wings 2

Playlist: Soapkills / Hiba / Kanjha Kora / RGB / New Government / Zeid Hamdan

Zeid & The Wings (for this Ruptured Session):

Yasmine Ayyashi: vocals
Gihan El Hage: vocals
Rita Okais: keyboards
Marc Codsi: guitar
Bashir Saade: ney, bass clarinet and flute
Zeid Hamdan: guitar and lead vocals

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Dans le cadre du projet Bande à Part/Don’t Border me, Zeid Hamdan (musicien, producteur, DJ et promoteur, pour ne citer que ceux-là), était l’invité de l’émission RUPTURES, sur Radio Liban 96.2FM. Il donne aux auditeurs un aperçu de ses productions récentes, ainsi que des différentes musiques qui ont influencé sa carrière de musicien…

Liens Audio:



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I asked the main actors of this here blog (mostly musicians, of course, but also friends, family, support-givers…) to provide me with a list (5 to 20 albums) of their favorite records of the year.

The results are slowly coming in. There are surprises, resemblances, similarities, incongruous choices… I’ve left the responses intact, exactly as I received them, along with my friends’ comments. So here goes:

Zeid Hamdan: musician (Soapkills, New Government, Control Z, 3Arab), producer, promoter

“for sure !!!!
they were not released in 2008 but that’s what i’ve been mostly listening to this year not in order of preference:”

CD 1 Bassekou Kouyate  segu blue
CD 2 Radio head in rainbows
CD 3 Lumi two tears in water
CD 4 Portishead (the latest)
CD 5 Cedric Im Brooks And The Light Of Saba
CD 6 jon kennedy ( mostly to his myspace , he has no cd s here..)

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Le Lundi 12 Janvier, sur 96.2FM, le musicien et producteur ZEID HAMDAN était l’invité de l’émission RUPTURES ‘Zoom Sur’. Il donne aux auditeurs de Radio Liban un aperçu de ses productions récentes…

Liens Audio:


Track listing: Hiba *2 / Doushka / Heba / Shift Z


Track listing: Maki / Kandhia Kouyate *2 / Doushka / Kandhia Kouyate / Shift Z

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