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A series of concerts organized by Ruptured in order to bid a farewell-of-sorts to notorious Beiruti venue The Basement. This event took place over a period of two weeks, and included concerts and album launches.

Scrambled Eggs (Charbel Haber, Tony Elieh, Malek Rizkallah) – 23 December 2010

The Incompetents  (Serge Yared, Fadi Tabbal, Abed Kobeissy, Marc Codsi) – 3 January 2011

Jad Atoui – 5 January 2011

Munma (Jawad Nawfal) – 5 January 2011

[All photos were taken by Tanya Traboulsi]

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RUPTURED presents

A new album by Lebanese rock band SCRAMBLED EGGS

A collection of songs recorded between 2006 and 2009,
and which had never seen the day before (on record, that is)



x Read Time Out Beirut‘s review (February 2011)


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A few hours ago, I caught myself trying to remember the first time I watched Scrambled Eggs perform live, here in Beirut or elsewhere. I couldn’t. Either my memory has started to fail me, or I’ve seen Charbel & co perform so often, and under so many guises, that the performances have merged into one gigantic, noisy blur in my head. Which makes these CD releases that much more vital, and evidently indispensable.

Both of these albums were released in April 2010, during the 10th edition of the Irtijal Festival. They are the product of a new label, equipped with a fabulously sleazy logo (see below), entitled ‘Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu‘. The records mark an intense bout of activity for Scrambled Eggs (a trio of Charbel Haber -guitar-, Tony Elieh -bass-, and Malek Rizkallah -drums-), beginning towards the end of 2008, and extending early into 2009. The tracks were completed in Fadi Tabbal’s Tunefork Studio.

The first of the CD’s consists of sessions recorded with the ‘A’ Trio (Mazen Kerbaj -trumpet-, Sharif Sehnaoui -guitar-, and Raed Yassin -double bass-), comprising two long tracks, epic, dissonant, and sinuous, and a third, shorter, “rockier” ditty, a tribute of sorts to early Japanese animé “Grendizer”. Interesting to hear Yassin, Kerbaj and Elieh scream Arabic insults over noisy, distorted accompaniment. And highly recommended. Also recommended is local Lebanese producer Diamond Setter‘s remix of the title track, “Beach Party at Mirna el Chalouhi”. You can listen to that one here:


The 2nd album, “Scrambled Eggs & Friends”, was recorded with various musicians hailing from Beirut’s (and Paris’) experimental scenes, namely Joe Ghosn (laptop & electronics), Abdallah Ko (guitar & electronics), Stéphane Rives (saxophone), Fadi Tabbal (guitar), as well as the aforementioned Kerbaj and Sehnaoui. Here, Scrambled Eggs indulge in newfound musical directions and tangents, far from the regular rock format, and marrying with grand ease experimentation, improvisation, and noise. I love the stuff. And the visuals too (these are by Mazen Kerbaj). Ya 3akarit.

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The Ruptured Sessions, volume 2 / CD release + live performances

At Beirut Art Center, Wednesday 4 August 2010 at 8 pm
Entrance + CD: 20 000 LL

A CD compilation gathering some of the most notorious protagonists of Beirut’s experimental music scene, captured live in the studios of Radio Lebanon

For the release of Ziad Nawfal’s “Ruptured Sessions volume 2”, Lebanese electro-acoustic musician Tarek Atoui, an all-too-rare presence on Lebanon’s music scene, will hold two performances, different in outlook and scope:

Set 1 (Auditorium):
Tarek Atoui – live processing
Tony Elieh – electric bass
Charbel Haber – electric guitar

Set 2 (Bar area):
Tarek Atoui – electronics
Uriel Barthélémi – drums

<< About the sessions >>

“The Ruptured Sessions” is a series of live recordings that take place in the studios of Radio Lebanon 96.2FM, during Ziad Nawfal’s weekly “Ruptures” program. These recordings focus on musicians from Lebanon’s alternative music scenes (alternative folk & rock, electronica, improvisation, etc.), as well as visiting foreign musicians.



x To read Dan Warburton’s review for The Wire, click here

x To read the Daily Star – Lebanon review of the album launch (August 2010), click on the following link: RS2, Daily Star 06-08-2010


[Design by Youmna Habbouche]

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Improv musicians Mazen Kerbaj (Lebanon) and Franz Hautzinger (Austria) held an impromptu live session in the studios of Radio Lebanon, on the occasion of the IRTIJAL Festival’s 10th anniversary.

Track listing: Franz Hautzinger’s Oriental Space / Scrambled Eggs & Friends / The Ex / Court Circuit / Tarek Atoui

Audio links: Ruptures Irtijal 10th Edition

Find out more: http://www.kerbaj.com/ + http://www.franzhautzinger.com/

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

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Tanya Traboulsi, a regular fixture in the studios of Radio Lebanon as the official photographer of these live ‘Ruptured’ sessions, slipped behind the mike for the span of a few minutes, in order to present the book “UNTITLED TRACKS“, a book of photos (her own) and texts, edited by Ghalya Saadawi and yours truly, documenting Beirut’s alternative music scene.

Tanya was asked to select three artists representative of this scene, and her choices were Munma, Tarek Atoui, and Lumi.

As for the Scrambled Eggs, they were the guests of ‘Ruptures’ that night to highlight their contribution to both the launch event for said book, and the ‘Prelude to Irtijal‘ mini-festival taking place on March 10&11. The members of the band (Charbel Haber, Tony Elieh and Malek Rizkallah) were invited to select three favorite pieces of music. An interesting exercise, which yielded the following results:

Malek: Omar Rodriguez, The French Kicks, and Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’ Sonata — Tony: Liars, Fly Pan Am, and Tool — Charbel: Nirvana, Jim O’Rourke, and Christian Wolff…

Audio links: Traboulsi & The Eggs part 1 + Traboulsi & The Eggs part 2

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

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RADWAN GHAZI MOUMNEH The Basement, Beirut, December 2009

The INCOMPETENTS The Basement, Beirut, December 2009

SCRAMBLED EGGS The Basement, Beirut, December 2009

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

[Design by Lana Daher]

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En interview sur Radio Liban 96.2FM:

RADWAN MOUMNEH, musicien (Jerusalem In My Heart), ingénieur du son, producteur (Clues, Land of Kush), fondateur du studio montréalais Hotel2Tango en 2005 (le studio qui a accueilli entre autres les Godspeed You Black Emperor, A Silver Mt Zion, le regretté Vic Chesnutt, etc.)… Radwan est accompagné de Pierre-Guy Blanchard, l’un de ses compères au sein du groupe Jerusalem In My Heart.

Et en concert (électrique!) durant cette même émission, le groupe de punk-rock libanais SCRAMBLED EGGS (Charbel Haber – guitare; Tony Elieh – basse; Malek Rizkallah – batterie), pour la promotion de leur concert au Basement le 27 Décembre.

Belle facon de cloturer cette année 2009, en vérité!

Track listing: Feu Thérese / Pacha / De La Caucase / Clues

Audio links: Radwan SE part 1 + Radwan SE part 2

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

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Charbel Haber

Guitariste et compositeur autodidacte, Charbel co-fonde le combo post-punk Scrambled Eggs à 20 ans. 9 ans plus tard, multipliant les projets et les collaborations, on le retrouve, entre autre, à la tête du label Those Kids Must Choke, membre fondateur du trio d’improvisation libre BAO et acteur pertinent de l’association MILL (Musique Improvisée Libre au Liban).

Tony Elieh

S’il est aussi le bassiste et un des co-fondateurs du combo post-punk Scrambled Eggs, Tony est surtout un photographe. Dans ce travail de création parallèle, il fusionne la réalité et la fiction, suit les sautes d’humeur de Beyrouth et met en image les tensions contradictoires qui l’habitent.

Dans le cadre du projet Bande à Part/Don’t Border me, Charbel et Tony ont soumis un soundscape (ou paysage sonore),  ainsi que quatre photographies.

Lien audio:






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The INCOMPETENTS (Abed Kobeissy & Serge Yared) – B018, Qarantina, December 2008

SCRAMBLED EGGS (Tony Elieh, Charbel Haber & Malek Rizkallah) – B018, Qarantina, December 2010

[Photos by Salim Hbeiliny]

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