SCRAMBLED EGGS // 2nd Ruptured Session + TANYA TRABOULSI // Interview // 1 March 2010

Tanya Traboulsi, a regular fixture in the studios of Radio Lebanon as the official photographer of these live ‘Ruptured’ sessions, slipped behind the mike for the span of a few minutes, in order to present the book “UNTITLED TRACKS“, a book of photos (her own) and texts, edited by Ghalya Saadawi and yours truly, documenting Beirut’s alternative music scene. As for Scrambled Eggs, they were the guests of ‘Ruptures’ that night to highlight their contribution to both the launch event for said book, and the ‘Prelude to Irtijal‘ mini-festival taking place on March 10&11.

Traboulsi & The Eggs part 1 + Traboulsi & The Eggs part 2

Track listing:
Tarek Atoui
Omar Rodriguez
The French Kicks
Fly Pan Am
Jim O’Rourke
Christian Wolff

[Photo by Tanya Traboulsi]

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