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A radio program entirely dedicated to electronica artist Munma,

Featuring demos, album tracks, exclusive versions and remixes from this talented Lebanese young man’s 10-year (and going) career:

1. Munma: Soft Integration (Previews and Premises, 2010)
2. Munma: A Tribute to Mahjoub Omar (demo, 2013)
3. El Rass & Munma: ‘Awdat al Batriq (Adam, Darwin & the Batriq, 2014)
4. Munma with Naserdayn el Touffar: Nay (demo, 2014)
5. Munma: Munma (34 Days, 2006)
6. Munma: IRM (Black Tuesday, 2007)
7. Munma: Engram (Unholy Republic, 2008)
8. Trash Inc. & Munma: Nightwalker #2 (demo, 2009)
9. Index/Left: Hecatonchires (demo, 2010)
10. Scrambled Eggs: Bleeding Nun (Munma remix, from Happy Together Filthy Forever, 2006)
11. Litter: Hummingbird (Munma remix, from Newfound Grids, 2012)
12. Infinite Moment of Composure: Infiltration (Turbulence, 2012 / vox by Maria Kassab)
13. Tasjil Moujahed: Aviatrix (Musafer, 2012 / vox by Maria Kassab)
14. Munma feat. radiokvm: The Funeral (No Apologies, 2013)

Listen: ruptures munma lundi 26 oct


34 days









Munma black-Tuesday low-res









Unholy Republic low-res


















Tasjiil Moujahed 1








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Lebanese DJ, producer, turntablist and label owner Ceasar K was the guest of Ruptures for the second time, for an interview covering the production output of his label VL Records.

Listen to Part 1: ruptures ceasar k 11 august (part 1)
[Moe Turk / vChille / Audible Astronaut / Escape To Venus]

Listen to Part 2: ruptures ceasar k 11 august (part 2)
[Trash Inc / Funk Sinatra / Moe Turk / Cheh & Fady Aswad / Trash Inc / Escape To Venus]

For more info on Ceasar K:

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Monday 10 February 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Tripnol
2. Edd Abbas
3. Fareeq el Atrash
4. El Rass & Munma
5. El Far3i (Munma prod.)
6. Nasreddine Touffar (Munma prod.)
7. Tashweesh (Ruptured session)

> Listen to Part 1ruptures 10 february (part 1)

8. Boikutt
9. Tripnol
10. Munma
11. Funny Death
12. Mocques (Ruptured session)
13. Jad Atoui
14. RadioKVM (Ruptured session)
15. Trash Inc.
16. Escape To Venus

> Listen to Part 2ruptures 10 february (part 2)

The record of the evening:


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Trois jours après la sortie officielle de son premier album, ‘Made in Dance’, le groupe d’electro-pop libanais SLUTTERHOUSE en performance live et en interview sur Ruptures, Radio Liban 96.2FM.

Liens audioSlutterhouse 1 + Slutterhouse 2

Et aussi: http://www.myspace.com/slutterhouse

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

Slut 1


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Le musicien d’électronique libanais Nabil Saliba, alias Trash Inc., en interview sur Radio Liban 96.2FM, à l’occasion de la sortie de son premier album, ‘Ultramind’.

Liens audio:

Trash inc 1 + Trash inc 2


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TRASH INC: ULTRAMIND (Incognito, 2009)

Ultramind is the first full-length release from former rock drummer-turned electronic composer Nabil Saliba, aka Trash Inc. The album is a highly entertaining collection of modern dance-floor electronic sounds, spiced with vintage, funky keyboard riffs.

The inspiration for the album’s sound came to Saliba during the summer of 2008, as he played on stage on several occasions alongside Jawad Nawfal’s electronic combo Munma; the track ‘Ultramind’ was a live favorite of theirs, and Nabil chose to expand on the basic structure of that track. While ‘Ultramind’ took on a life of its own, other random Trash Inc. tunes were developed as well, and their structure modified in order to accommodate this initial track.

The end result holds surprisingly well, and does justice to Saliba’s wide range of influences: references to the 80s abound, with a strong nod towards jazz maestro Herbie Hancock’s early electric-funk experiments. More modern strands tend toward the minimal sounds of composers Gui Boratto and Sascha Funke, and the distorted rhythms of the Rephlex label. The overall feel of the music is one of space and futuristic science fiction, with a distinct ear for melodic soundscapes, reminiscent of Radioactive Man’s recent output.

Last but not least, the album’s sleeve holds a story of its own: Saliba came upon an article in a science magazine, showcasing the virtues of “Graphene”, an atomic structure with interesting electronic properties. The shape of this 3D modeled structure enchanted him so, that he wrote to the physicist in question and was allowed to use it for Ultramind’s cover art. A new threshold for science-based electronic music?


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MUNMA: UNHOLY REPUBLIC (Incognito, 2009)

The third official release by Lebanese electronic artist Jawad Nawfal sees him revisiting familiar themes and musical landscapes, while displaying the possibility for some radical departures in the near future. ‘Unholy Republic’ is the third installment of what is commonly referred to as the “Fate trilogy”, one that saw the day in the aftermath of the war waged by Israel on Lebanon in summer 2006. The first two releases, ‘34 Days’ and ‘Black Tuesday’, were marked by ominous moods and atmospheres, sets of menacing clicks and glitches, and a random selection of radio samples and speeches that conveyed brilliantly the mind-set and feelings of the artist, regarding the crisis at hand.

‘Unholy Republic’ picks up where ‘Black Tuesday’ left, with a rambling, brooding track haunted by static, radio noise, and some politician’s vehement preaching. This is followed by two tracks of subdued electronica, reminiscent of Munma’s previous releases. ‘Engram’, in particular, nods prominently towards South American musician Murcof’s output for the Leaf label. The rest of the album is more surprising, as Munma’s recent partner-in-crime, Nabil Saliba aka Trash Inc, enters the fray, and contributes his supple synth-enhanced melodies to ‘Broken Chime’ and ‘Deep Down Inside’. These show a different facet of Munma’s talent, and serve as a timely reminder that Jawad Nawfal is equally at ease devising ambient landscapes and dancefloor “stompers”. ‘Unholy Republic’ concludes on a short, ambient postcard entitled ‘Exodus’, signalling in the process the end of the “Fate trilogy”, and prefiguring realms of possibilities for Munma’s subsequent works.



Audio 1: Engram

Audio 2: Deep Down


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