Press Review // El Rass & Munma // Kachf el Mahjoub

Four months following the release of El Rass & Munma‘s first collaboration “Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the Hidden”, on the Ruptured music label, here are some of the reviews that were written about this excellent and unique album:

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Al Akhbar 15 Feb 2012 (PDF)

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Ruptured News (February 2012)

The entirety of the Ruptured CD catalog is now available online on Cargo and Boomkat !!!


Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the Hidden, a collaboration between Lebanese artists Mazen el Sayed aka El Rass (texts, vocals) & Jawad Nawfal aka Munma (beats, electronics), was released by Ruptured in February 2012, with great success!

> The CD is available to buy online from Amazon + Cargo + Boomkat + Rough Trade

> You can also find it in Beirut at the following points of sale:
Chico (Hamra) + Dar Bistro & Bookstore (Hamra) + Music Now (Hamra) + Beirut Art Center (Sin el Fil)

EL RASS & MUNMA // Ruptured Session // 20 Feb 2012

A couple of days prior to the release of their first recorded collaboration, “Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the Hidden”, Lebanese artists EL RASS (Mazen el Sayed, words & vocals), and MUNMA (Jawad Nawfal, beats & electronic treatments), were the guest of Ruptures, for a presentation of the album and no less than three live performances. They were accompanied by Belgian electronic musician C-Drik, who spoke about the process of mastering the album.

Listen: El Rass & Munma (20 Feb) part 1 + El Rass & Munma (20 Feb) part 2

Track listing:
El Rass & Munma: Borkan Beirut
El Rass & Munma: Treasury Bonds
El Rass & Munma: Tkhayal
El Rass & Munma: LIVE 1
El Rass & Munma: LIVE 2
Boom Bip & Dose One
El Rass & Munma: LIVE 3

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

EL RASS & MUNMA: KACHF EL MAHJOUB [CD Launch + Live Performances]

RUPTURED presents:

The CD Launch & Live Premiere of

A musical collaboration between
EL RASS (Mazen el Sayed, words & vocals)
MUNMA (Jawad Nawfal, beats & electronics)


Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the hidden is a musical collaboration between Lebanese poet and musician Mazen el Sayed, otherwise known as El Rass (The Head), and Lebanese electronica artist Jawad Nawfal aka Munma. El Sayed is a prolific writer and musician, at ease with a variety of instruments, while Nawfal has previously released an impressive number of albums and EPs, exploring downtempo electronica and ambient dubstep. The collision of harsh beats and brazen, slammed vocals works wonders on Unveiling the Hidden, a truly outstanding collaboration between Nawfal’s Munma project and Mazen el Sayed’s El Rass persona, produced and released by independent Lebanese label Ruptured.

Notorious for his masterful flow in the classical Arabic language, quite an uncommon phenomenon in Lebanon’s exuberant rap scene, El Rass is impressive on Unveiling the Hidden, with lyrics tackling both social and political sensitive subjects. Munma, on the other hand, creates a sound-world perfectly fitting El Rass’s agitated discourse, alternating between broken beats, elaborate percussion, and ambient layers of synths. At times reminiscent of mutant hiphop outfit Shabazz Palaces, at others of the collaboration between dubstep producer Kode9 and vocalist The SpaceApe, this album is an uncanny meeting of Arabic hip-hop and electronica, and represents an exceptional event in the realm of contemporary Lebanese alternative music.



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