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Ruptures had the pleasure of welcoming Lebanese musician and producer Miran Gurunian in the studios of Radio Lebanon, last February.

What was initially intended as a promotional show for the launch of his band Pindoll’s first album, Twisted Times, turned into an informative, one-hour interview and career retrospective covering various aspects of Gurunian’s work and music production of the last 10 years.

Listen to Part 1: ruptures mihran gurunian (1)

Listen to Part 2: ruptures mihran gurunian (2)



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blend-1As their first album release, ‘Act One’ (EMI Records) hit the stores in December 2003, Lebanese rock band BLEND were invited to the studios of Radio Lebanon 96.2FM to discuss their musical itinerary, the making of the album, and the difficulties of making it solely as a musician in Lebanon’s unforgiving, commercial-oriented music business.

The various members of the band who were present in the studio that evening (singer Jad Souaid, guitarist Mihran Gurunian, drummer Jad Aouad, and producer/manager Philippe Tohme), also presented a selection of some of their musical favorites.

To listen:



Playlist: Blend *2 / Beatles / Blend / Led Zeppelin / Radiohead / Blend *2 / Tea Party / Blend *2

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