(2021 end-of-year lists) – JANA SALEH

It’s been a while (five good years actually) since we’ve done this, and so we’ve gone ahead and asked the musicians whom we worked with this year in some respect or other, to tell us about their favorite albums of 2021.


– Senyawa: Alkisah
– Liliane Chlela: Safala
– Jerusalem In My Heart: Qalaq
– Anthony Sahyoun: Proof by Infinite Descent
– Various Artists: Istimrar Phase 1
– Postcards: After the Fire, Before the End
– Prefaces: Hippodrome

Ziad Nawfal DJ Mix for Morphine x Beirut // 17 October 2020

The full, unedited version of Ziad Nawfal’s DJ set for the Morphine x Beirut fundraiser, organized by Morphine Records in Berlin, in collaboration with Irtijal, Ruptured, Frequent Defect, The Ballroom Blitz, Unsound and CTM:

1. Jerusalem In My Heart – A Granular Buzuk (feat. Sharif Sehnaoui) [LB]
2. Kid Fourteen – One Day I’m Gone [LB]
3. PanSTARRS – Khally Balak Hatmoot [EG]
4. MAKH – Abstract [LB]
5. Jad Atoui – Alpha 60 [LB]
6. Radiokvm – Aristophanes*213 [LB]
7. Monolake – Beirut [DE]
8. Morphosis – Wild in Captivity [LB]
9. Liliane Chlela – 2022 [LB]
10. DJ Haram – Overeager [US]
11. Aya Metwalli – Matkhafsh Menni [EG]
12. Rise 1969 – 3Jane Tessier-Ashpool [LB]
13. Lumi – To the Shore [LB]

ZIAD NAWFAL // MusicMap Soundscape 015 // June 2018

MusicMap’s ‘Soundscape’ series is a brilliant way to keep up with local music scenes and global trends. Every few weeks, the people behind this amazing platform visit a different country and ask someone familiar with the scene to serve up a mix of the finest local sounds…

“This month we’re visiting Lebanon for our first Soundscape from the Middle East. Our guide this time is Beirut-based DJ, promoter and producer Ziad Nawfal, co-founder of ground-breaking independent label Ruptured and managing director of Irtijal, the country’s first experimental music festival. Ziad Nawfal has spent his career championing independent Lebanese music via his ‘Ruptures’ and ‘Decalages’ shows on Radio Lebanon, so we knew we were in for a treat with his Soundscape mix…”

Track listing:
1. El Rass & Munma – Kashghara (Adam, Darwin & The Penguin, 2015)
2. Kinematik – Lalochezia (Ala’, 2017)
3. Calamita – FTC (Calamita, 2018)
4. Fadi Tabbal – Crystal Palace (Museum of Disappearing Buildings, 2015)
5. Youmna Saba – Nafas (Njoum, 2014)
6. Jad Atoui – Zikr (Unreleased track, 2016)
7. The Bunny Tylers – Mothers Make Murderers (Glitches & Drones, 2016)
8. Kid Fourteen – It’s A Lovely Night (Dream Kids Never Sleep, 2016)
9. Scrambled Eggs – Building A Nest (Unreleased track, 2013)
10. KOZO 構造 – Don’t Leave, Kurokawa! (Beirut Wave Three, 2017)
11. Mme Chandelier – Minimal Potato (Post Coital Tristesse, 2016)
12. Radiokvm – Alpha Apparatus (Issrar, 2014)
13. Stephanie Merchak – Und Meine Antwort War Nein (Eine Frage, 2018)
14. Munma – Cadavre Exquis (Three Voices, 2016)

RADWAN GHAZI MOUMNEH // 3rd Ruptured Session with ERIC CHENAUX // 9 Apr 2012

As part of Ruptured’s coverage of the 12th edition of Irtijal Festival, Canadian musician Eric Chenaux and Lebanese Radwan Ghazi Moumneh were the guests of the radio program, for a lengthy live performance and an interview covering both artists’ careers and musical approaches.

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

SHARIF SEHNAOUI // 2nd Ruptured Session with MAZEN KERBAJ for Irtijal ’12 // 2 Apr 2012

Sharif Sehnaoui, Mazen Kerbaj and Hadi Saleh, co-curators of Irtijal Festival‘s 12th edition (April 4-12), were the guests of Ruptures for a presentation of the festival’s program. The show was book-ended by two live performances from the Kerbaj/Sehnaoui duo.

Track listing:
Mazen Kerbaj & Sharif Sehnaoui LIVE
Jim Denley
Eric Chenaux
Niveau Zero
Osman Arabi
Jad Atoui
Liliane Chlela
Mazen Kerbaj & Sharif Sehnaoui LIVE

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

RADWAN GHAZI MOUMNEH // 2nd Ruptured Session with CHARBEL HABER // 4 Apr 11

Lebanese musicians Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart) & Charbel Haber (Scrambled Eggs) were the guests of Ruptures on Monday 4 April, to present the 11th edition of Irtijal Festival of Experimental Music, which took place in Beirut in various locations between April 5-8.

ruptures haber + moumneh #1 + ruptures haber + moumneh #2

Track listing:
The Ex
Joelle Khoury
Harris Newman
Radwan Ghazi Moumneh & Charbel Haber LIVE
The Ex

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

FRANZ HAUTZINGER & MAZEN KERBAJ // Ruptured Session // 5 Apr 2010

Lebanese musician Mazen Kerbaj and Austrian musician Franz Hautzinger held an impromptu live session in the studios of Radio Lebanon, on the occasion of Irtijal Festival‘s 10th anniversary.

Track listing:
Franz Hautzinger’s Oriental Space
Mazen Kerbaj & Franz Hautzinger
Franz Hautzinger & Mazen Kerbaj LIVE
Tarek Atoui
Franz Hautzinger & Mazen Kerbaj LIVE
Scrambled Eggs (feat. Joseph Ghosn & Abdallah Ko)
The Ex

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

STÉPHANE RIVES // 1st Ruptured Session // 14 Dec 2009

STÉPHANE RIVES, musicien, ingénieur du son, organisateur de concerts en France, et contributeur régulier au Festival de Musique Improvisée Irtijal, en session live dans les studios de Radio Liban.

ruptures steph rives I + ruptures steph rives II

Track listing:
Anton Webern
Giacinto Scelsi
Morton Subotnick
Gérard Grisey
Ryoji Ikeda

[Photo de Youmna Habbouche]

SHARIF SEHNAOUI // 1st Ruptured Session // 19 Oct 2009

Le guitariste-improvisateur libanais Sharif Sehnaoui, fondateur et organisateur du Festival de musique expérimentale Irtijal, producteur du label Al-Maslakh, en interview et mini-concert sur les ondes de Radio Liban 96.2FM, dans le cadre de Ruptures.

Sharif 1 + Sharif 2

Track listing:
Sharif Sehnaoui LIVE
Aaly Trio feat. Ken Vandermark
Scrambled Eggs feat. Joseph Ghosn & Abdallah Ko
Sharif Sehnaoui LIVE

[Photos de Tanya Traboulsi]