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Two years after their first recorded collaboration, the immensely successful Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the Hidden (for the Ruptured label), Lebanese artists and musicians Mazen el-Sayed (El Rass) and Jawad Nawfal (Munma) released its long-awaited follow-up, Adam, Darwin and the Penguin, in May 2014.

A few days before the launch concert of the album in a popular live venue in Hamra, Beirut, we ran a radio show detailing the genesis and production of the record and its different contributors.

Listen to Part 1: ruptures el rass & munma 19/05 (part 1)
El Rass & Munma (2014) / El Rass & Munma (Munma rmx) / El Rass & Munma (2012) / El-Far3i (Munma prod.) / El-Far3i (2014) / Boikutt

Listen to Part 2: ruptures el rass & munma 19/05 (part 2)
El Rass & Munma (Feat. Boikutt, 2014) / El Rass & Munma (2013) / Nasreddine Touffar (Munma prod.) / El Rass & Munma (2012) / El Rass & Munma (2014) / Munma (Feat. El Rass, 2013)

The record of the evening:








In Beirut, physical copies of the CD can be found at Beirut Art Center (Sin el Fil), Music Now (Hamra), and Ono Hub (Sioufi)

For digital purchases, go to http://elrass-munma.bandcamp.com/releases


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TASHWEESH (Basel Abbas, Ruanne Abou-Rahme & boikutt) spent two weeks in Beirut in October 2011, during which they held no less than four performances (2 for Tashweesh, organized by Ruptured, and 2 for boikutt) in Beirut and its neighborhood.

They were the guests of Ruptures for an interview & live performance, during which they accompanied by American-born, Lebanon-based journalist Jackson Allers.

Listen: Tashweesh (part 1) + Tashweesh (part 2)

Look [photos courtesy of Tanya Traboulsi]:

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