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Early in September 2011, I had the good fortune of traveling to Rome for work. I had the even better fortune at staying at my friends’ Mike Cooper and Maria Galante’s house (more like a cavern of Ali Baba, actually)… Mike arranged for us to appear on a Italian radio program that he likes, called BATTITI [Beats].

A lovely fellow by the name of Pino Saulo interviewed the two of us for an hour or so, and I played music from both the Ruptured catalogue, and other Lebanese labels that I’m fond of (Al Maslakh, Annihaya, Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu, etc.).

The show was broadcast on RAI3 on October 16, and can be listened to here


1. MUNMA: Bits and Dust, from “Previews & Premises” – Ruptured  #002
2. TAREK ATOUI: Un-drum #3, from “The Ruptured Sessions #2” – Ruptured #003
3. DISCIPLINE: Drone 1, from “Je Veux Voir (OST)” – Incognito
4. SCRAMBLED EGGS: See You In Beirut, from “Peace Is Overrated But War Misunderstood” – Ruptured #004
5. MASHROU’ LEILA: Imbibillilah, from “The Ruptured Sessions #3” – Ruptured #005
6. EILEEN KHATCHADOURIAN: Sari siroun yar, from “The Ruptured Sessions #3” – Ruptured #005
7. MIKE COOPER: If I Get Lucky, from “Radio Paradise” – Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu #003
8. SHARIF SEHNAOUI: Trane, from “Old and New Acoustics” – Al Maslakh #011
9. YOUMNA SABA: Tehfi, from “The Ruptured Sessions #1” – Ruptured #001
10. THE INCOMPETENTS: Urinal Blues, from “The Ruptured Sessions #1” – Ruptured #001
11. RAED YASSIN: All About Siham, from “The New Album” – Annihaya #001

Photos courtesy of Mike Cooper’s mighty iPhone:

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