Ziad Nawfal for Radio Alhara – Beacon Sound Takeover // 21 September 2022

Indie labels Ruptured and Beacon Sound have worked together since 2015, and we released our 6th collaboration in October 2022: Lebanese musicians Julia Sabra and Fadi Tabbal’s first full-length album Snakeskin.

For the occasion, we invited Andrew from Beacon Sound to take over our monthly residency at Radio Alhara. His mix showcases 3 tracks from this new album by Fadi and Julia, as well as excerpts from his label’s recent releases.

1. Rishin Singh – Saboteur (Edit)
2. Patricia Wolf – A Conversation With My Innocence
3. Location Services & Derek Hunter-Wilson – Strand
4. Julia Sabra & Fadi Tabbal – Signs
5. Fadi Tabbal – The Death Of Strangers
6. Justin Wright – Morning Is A Stray Thread
7. Rauelsson & Tatu Rönkkö – Kuvakudos
8. Location Services & Derek Hunter Wilson – Delicate Need (Starlight Assembly Remix)
9. Anthony Sahyoun – Heritage
10. Julia Sabra & Fadi Tabbal – One By One
11. Carlos Ferreira – Aimless Wandering
12. Dolphin Midwives – Idyll
13. Dominic Voz – City Currach
14. Sontag Shogun x Lau Nau – Hidas Laulu
15. Julia Sabra & Fadi Tabbal – In Our Garden
16. Yara Asmar – Thanks For Coming

Ruptured Album Release // FADI TABBAL // Museum Of Disappearing Buildings

Fadi Tabbal – Museum of Disappearing Buildings
LP Release by Ruptured & Beacon Sound, October 2017 

Fadi Tabbal, guitarist with Lebanese alternative rock bands The Incompetents and The Bunny Tylers among many others, self-released his second solo album, “Museum of Disappearing Buildings”, in November 2015.

This album continues further the work of sound exploration through guitar treatments, which began with “On the Rooftop Looking Up” in 2013. While the young guitarist’s first album featured a finely-devised interaction of ambient soundscapes and John Fahey-inspired finger-picking acoustic meanderings, this second solo outing adopts a different approach: it relies on an interplay of ambient guitar drones and grainy electronics, which recalls to a degree the work of early Krautrock vanguard artists from the 1970’s, the leftfield exploration of British electro-acoustic practitioners from the mid-1970’s, as well as the radical works of American minimalist composers from the 1960’s.

Similarly to his first outing, Tabbal preferred a radical and direct approach to composition and recording, opting for the intimacy and self-reflection of home recordings, rather than the traditional environment of a recording studio. At the heart of the album, resides one unifying concept, which finds its way into the resulting musical bed: the sketches and impossible structures and urban configurations of Russian paper architects Brodsky and Utkin.

The album will be re-released in October 2017 in a limited vinyl edition of 300 copies, the result of a collaboration between Lebanese label Ruptured and Portland-based indie label Beacon Sound.