(2008 end-of-year lists) – JAWAD NAWFAL

I asked the main actors of this here blog (mostly musicians, of course, but also friends, family, support-givers…) to provide me with a list (5 to 20 albums) of their favorite records of the year.

The results are slowly coming in. There are surprises, resemblances, similarities, incongruous choices… I’ve left the responses intact, exactly as I received them, along with my friends’ comments. So here goes:

Jawad Nawfal: musician, DJ, producer (Munma, AEX, Ae_Quo)

Sunken Foal “fallen arches”
Eero Johannes “lipton service boy”
Vibert & Simmons “rodulate”
Last Step “1961”
Portishead “third”
Benga “diary of an afro warrior”
Distance “repercussions”
Apparat “things to be frickeled”
Somatic Responses “digital darkness”
Larvae “loss leader

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