ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE // Ruptured Session // 12 Aug 2011

New York-based musician Robert Lowe, aka LICHENS, was in Beirut for a few days on the occasion of the Visiting Tarab project, a musical research initiative organized by electronic musician Tarek Atoui and Oriental music specialist Kamal Kassar. Ruptures was fortunate enough to catch Robert and Tarek on an all-too-rare night off, and the two men hopped over to the studios of Radio Lebanon for an interview and an absolutely enthralling live performance from Lichens.

Ruptures w/ Lichens (part 1) + Ruptures w/ Lichens (part 2)

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

TAREK ATOUI // Interview // 2 May 2011

On the occasion of the opening of international art exhibition Meeting Points 6, Lebanese electro-acoustic musician Tarek Atoui presented his new sound piece, ‘Infinite Times Zero’, at Beirut Art Center on April 27. He was the guest of Ruptures on the following Monday, to talk about this piece, as well as future plans and projects.

Ruptures T. Atoui (1)Ruptures T. Atoui (2)

PAED CONCA // Ruptured Session // 16 Aug 2010

Swiss musician PAED CONCA was the guest of Ruptures for an interview + exclusive live performance. He presented an overview on his solo work, as well as his collaborations with Lebanese musicians Raed Yassin (as PRAED) and Tarek Atoui.

Paed Conca 1 + Paed Conca 2

Track listing:
Paed Conca, Cynthia Zaven, Axel Dorner & Sabina Meyer (live at Irtijal)
Paed Conca, Tarek Atoui & Uriel Barthelemy (live at Tunefork)
Syg Baas
Paed Conca

[Photo by Tanya Traboulsi]

TASHWEESH // 1st Ruptured Session // 28 Apr 2010

Tashweesh, the duo of Basel Abbas (formerly with Palestinian hiphop & electronics trio Ramallah Underground) and Ruanne Abou Rahme, were interviewed by Ziad Nawfal and musician Tarek Atoui for Ruptures. Tashweesh were in Beirut to present their sound installation “Contingency”, as part of the 5th Home Works Cultural Forum.

Basel Abbas part 1 + Basel Abbas part 2

Track listing:
Basel Abbas
Ramallah Underground
Kronos Quartet

[Photos courtesy of Tashweesh]

TAREK ATOUI // Ruptured Session #2 // 26 Apr 2010

Le musicien d’electro-acoustique libanais Tarek Atoui, en interview et performance live sur Ruptures 96.2FM.

Tarek Atoui part 1 + Tarek Atoui part 2

Track listing:
John Oswald
Tarek Atoui – Undrum #1
Tarek Atoui – Undrum #2
Tarek Atoui – Undrum #3

[Photos de Tanya Traboulsi]

Press // The Ruptured Sessions Vol. 2

The Ruptured Sessions Volume 2

A CD compilation gathering some of the most notorious protagonists of Beirut’s experimental music scene, captured live in the studios of Radio Lebanon. “The Ruptured Sessions” is a series of live recordings that take place in the studios of Radio Lebanon 96.2FM, during Ziad Nawfal’s weekly Ruptures program. These recordings focus on musicians from Lebanon’s alternative music scenes (alternative folk & rock, electronica, improvisation, etc.), as well as visiting foreign musicians.

Thomas Millroth is a Swedish writer and art critic. Nowadays he runs the Olof Bright label, alongside Swedish reeds player and improviser Mats Gustafsson. Thomas reviewed volume 2 of CD series The Ruptured Sessions for the very fabulous music blog Soundofmusic, on December 1st, 2010. Unfortunately for readers from this part of the world, Thomas’s review is in Swedish. It’s never too late for a trip to Scandinavia, is what we are thinking.