(2014 end-of-year lists) – TANIA SALEH

I asked some of my musician friends from Beirut, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2014…
Or the music they’ve listened to the most during the past year, regardless of date of release

Tania Saleh

1. Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett: Cheek To Cheek
2. Tania Saleh: Shwayit Souwar
3. Various artists: Songs From A Stolen Spring
4. Dina el Wedidi: Tedawar w Tergaa
5. Beck: Morning Phase
6. Elbow: The Takeoff And Landing Of Everything
7. Tori Amos: Unrepentant Geraldines
8. Mary J. Blige: The London Sessions



GURUMIRAN // Interview #1 // 24 Feb 2014

Ruptures had the pleasure of welcoming Lebanese musician and producer Miran Gurunian in the studios of Radio Lebanon, last February. What was initially intended as a promotional show for the launch of his band Pindoll’s first album, “Twisted Times”, turned into an informative, one-hour interview and career retrospective covering various aspects of Gurunian’s work and music production of the last 10 years.

ruptures mihran gurunian (1) + ruptures mihran gurunian (2)


(2012 end-of-year lists) – TANIA SALEH

I asked some of my favorite musician and artist friends, from Beirut and beyond, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2012…
Alternately, they could also provide me with a list of the records they listened to the most in 2012, regardless of date of release.

Tania Saleh (musician)

1- Beck: Beck Hansen’s Song Reader
2- Elbow: Dead In The Boot
3- Tania Saleh: Live At DRM
4- Archive: With Us Until You’re Dead
5- Björk: Biophilia
6- Who Killed Bruce Lee: Self-titled EP
7- Rufus Wainwright: Out Of The Game
8- Garbage: Not Your Kind Of People
9- Sigur Rós: Valtari
10- Bob Dylan: Tempest