Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Radio Ma3azef – Daou Takeover // 11 May 2022

To mark the release of his 1st album with Ruptured earlier this month, we invited DAOU to curate one hour of music for our monthly spot with Ma3azef.
DAOU’s set includes tracks by Thme, Hainbach, øjeRum, Taylor Deupree (who also mastered the album), Marcus Fischer, Tomasz Bednarczyk, SVLBRD, Benoît Pioulard, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Abul Mogard, and Hammock.
DAOU’s ‘Sanctuary’ is available as a seriously limited edition cassette & digital album via Ruptured’s Bandcamp page.

  1. Thme – Dreamed, Spoken (2021)
  2. Hainbach – Triangle Waves (2018)
  3. øjeRum – Part 2 (2015)
  4. Taylor Deupree – Paper Dawn (2018)
  5. Marcus Fischer – Watching Snow (2019)
  6. Tomasz Bednarczyk – Little Spring (2009)
  7. SVLBRD – Mist (2020)
  8. Benoît Pioulard – Plainchant (2015)
  9. Rafael Anton Irisarri – The Clock (2018)
  10. Abul Mogard – Half Light of Dawn (2015)
  11. 36 – Inside (2:56am Mix) (2010)
  12. Hammock – Lonely, Some Quietly Wander in the Hall of Stars (2010)
  13. Daou – Beginnings (2022)

Ruptured Album Release // NP [JAD ATOUI & ANTHONY SAHYOUN] // Lattices


The duo of Lebanese electronic producers Jad Atoui and Anthony Sahyoun releases LATTICES, its first album release of grainy, evocative ambient explorations.

LATTICES is concerned with the exploration of non-deterministic approaches to producing electronic music, based on improvised techniques using modular systems and synthesizers.

Performed and produced by Jad Atoui and Anthony Sahyoun at home during lockdown in Beirut, 2020.
Mixed by Anthony Sahyoun at Tunefork Studios, Beirut.
Mastered by Rafael Irisarri at Black Knoll Studios, NYC.
Artwork by Anthony Sahyoun.

Pre-order from Bandcamp HERE  

Also available from Amazon + Anghami + Apple Music + Deezer + Juno + Spotify 

Ruptured + Beacon Sound Album Release // FADI TABBAL // Subject To Potential Errors And Distortions

Arriving October 23: the fifth solo album by Fadi Tabbal and the third collaboration between Ruptured Records in Beirut and Beacon Sound in Portland.

On Subject To Potential Errors And Distortions, Lebanese musician, producer and sound engineer Fadi Tabbal delves deeper into the theme of alienation in a suffocating city. Composed and conceived almost entirely at his home in Beirut during Covid-19 quarantine, the record is his most intimate yet. While his previous solo work consisted solely of guitar pieces, this time Tabbal adds tape loops, vocal samples and synthesizers to his sound palette in an attempt to convey the subjectivity of memory and our tendency to write and rewrite history according to the present. The result is seven pieces that veer between minimalism and ambient music akin to recent outings by Pan American’s Mark Nelson and mid-period Stars of the Lid. Three of the tracks feature the voice of Julia Sabra, singer for Beirut dream-pop group Postcards.

Fadi Tabbal has been one of the leading figures in the Beirut music scene for over a decade. He runs Tunefork Studios, a specialized work space which offers customized services including full band recordings, live sound, music production and composition; is a member of several musical projects including electronic duo Stress/Distress (with Anthony Sahyoun) and The Bunny Tylers (with Charbel Haber); has collaborated with Mike Cooper, Oiseaux-Tempête, Youmna Saba, Sary Moussa and Marc Codsi; has produced albums by Postcards, Kinematik and Safar; has recorded and mixed the entirety of Ziad Nawfal’s Ruptured Sessions live series; has done installations and sound design for numerous artists and institutions, including Lebanese art ensemble The Feel Collective, Nada Kano’s Beirut Dance Studio, Petra Serhal and The Sursock Museum; has performed soundtrack work for filmmakers Maher Abi-Samra, Rania Rafei, Roy Deeb, Chadi Aoun, Nadim Tabet, among others; has been the technical director of Irtijal Festival since 2011; and has taught sound at the Académie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts since 2012.

Tabbal has released 4 solo albums since 2013, including How’s Annie (Ruptured, 2016) and Museum of Disappearing Buildings (Ruptured + Beacon Sound, 2017). Recently he’s been spearheading the #beirutmusiciansfund, an effort to help local musicians affected by the explosion at the Port of Beirut recoup some of their considerable losses. Not known: whether he ever sleeps.

Limited edition vinyl + digital release by Ruptured Records & Beacon Sound.
Wordwide distribution by Cargo Records UK.

Order from Bandcamp HERE and from a whole lot of other nice places HERE