Ruptures Radio Show // ANNIHAYA RECORDS Edition // 22 Aug 2015

Saturday 22 August 2015, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

A radio program dedicated exclusively to the production of Lebanese independent label ANNIHAYA, featuring tracks by:

1. Rizan Said
2. Raed Yassin
3. Dj Sniff
4. Praed (feat. Fadi Tabbal)
5. Sun City Girls
6. Alan Bishop & ‘A’ Trio
7. Shalabi Effect

8. Los Siquicos Litoralenos
9. Malayeen
10. Rabih Beaini
11. Alan Bishop & A-Trio

ATRIO_BISHOP-cover-low Rizan Said Cover

PRAED // Ruptured Session // 13 June 2011

PRAED, aka Swiss musician Paed Conca and Lebanese musician Raed Yassin, were the guests of Ruptures for an interview + live performance, three days prior to the launch of PRAED’s second studio album, “Made In Japan”. For the occasion, the two men played excerpts from all their releases, and held a live performance in the studios of Radio Lebanon. Original and inventive music-making, at its best.

Ruptures Praed 1 + Ruptures Praed 2

[Photo by Tanya Traboulsi]

PAED CONCA // Ruptured Session // 16 Aug 2010

Swiss musician PAED CONCA was the guest of Ruptures for an interview + exclusive live performance. He presented an overview on his solo work, as well as his collaborations with Lebanese musicians Raed Yassin (as PRAED) and Tarek Atoui.

Paed Conca 1 + Paed Conca 2

Track listing:
Paed Conca, Cynthia Zaven, Axel Dorner & Sabina Meyer (live at Irtijal)
Paed Conca, Tarek Atoui & Uriel Barthelemy (live at Tunefork)
Syg Baas
Paed Conca

[Photo by Tanya Traboulsi]