(2014 end-of-year lists) – WAKE ISLAND

I asked some of my musician friends from Beirut, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2014…
Or the music they’ve listened to the most during the past year, regardless of date of release


Philippe Manasseh

In no particular order:

– Timber Timbre: Hot Dreams
– Bantam Wing: You Keep Going On
– The Notwist: Close To The Glass
– Zaki Nassif: ‘Achikat el Ward
– Damon Albarn: Everyday Robots
– Aphex Twin: Syro
– Sabah & Wadih el Safi: Souvenirs Vol. 1
– Maria Callas: By Request…
– Bear In Heaven: Time Is Over One Day Old
– Yasmine Hamdan: Ya Nass
– Philippe Katerine: Magnum
– Moonface: City Wrecker
– Rodriguez: Cold Fact
– James Irwin: Unreal

Nadim Maghzal

In no particular order:

– Micheal Feuerstack: Tambourine Death Bed
– Youmna Saba: Njoum
– Caribou: Swim /// Our Love
– Country: Failure
– Jerusalem In My Heart: Mo7it el mo7it
– James Irwin: Unreal
– The Notwist: Close To The Glass
– Timber Timbre: Hot Dreams
– Moonface: Julia With Blue Jeans On
– Destroyer: Kaputt
– Erik Hove: Saturated Colour
– Thus Owls: Turning Rocks



INTENSIVE CARE // Ruptured Session // 2 Jan 2010

Les deux musiciens principaux du groupe de rock libano-canadien INTENSIVE CARE, en interview et mini-concert sur 96.2FM, pour la 1ère edition de Ruptures “Zoom Sur” de 2010.

ICU part 1 + ICU part 2

Track listing:
Patrick Watson
Besnard Lakes
Grizzly Bear

[Photos de Tanya Traboulsi]