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On the occasion of their visit and concerts in Beirut in February 2016, co-organized by Ruptured and Tunefork, we produced a radio program focused entirely on the music of Swiss trio KOCH-SCHÜTZ-STUDER:

1, from “Hardcore Chamber Music”
2, from “Heavy Cairo Traffic”
3, from “Fidel”
4, from “Thau” (Koch, Conca, Spera & Meyer)
5, from “Life Tied”
6, from “Heavy Cairo Traffic”
7, from “Drumming Chicago” (Studer, Drake & Zerang)
8, from “Fidel”
9, from “Hardcore Chamber Music”
10, from “Walking and stumbling through your sleep”

Listen here: ruptures KSS 8 fevrier + usb

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kss_1_710 2

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In collaboration with Tunefork,

Lebanese independent label RUPTURED is proud to present 3 concerts with renowned Swiss experimental trio KOCH–SCHÜTZ–STUDER.

In Beirut in different venues in February 2016.

> February 9, 8.30pm:
ACOUSTIC TRIO @Onomatopoeia The Music Hub

> February 11, 8.30pm:
CINE-CONCERT “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” @Beirut Art Center
Facebook event here

> February 13, 9.30pm:
Facebook event here




Swiss trio “KOCH-SCHÜTZ-STUDER” made its name on the international jazz scene for its radical and uncompromising “Hardcore Chambermusic.”

Hans Koch, Martin Schütz and Fredy Studer have been working in a “style-free” musical zone since 1990, equally at ease in jazz festivals, underground rock and electronic music clubs, as well as in the context of contemporary “classical” music.

In their music, sequenced sounds from various unrecognizable sources and live electronics create dense walls of sound, which are contrasted with completely acoustic, minimalistic-ambient improvisations.

Besides their work as a trio, “Koch-Schütz-Studer” have initiated various projects and worked with musicians and artists from different cultural and artistic backgrounds: “Roots and Wires,” with New York-based DJs I-Sound and M. Singe; “Heavy Cairo Traffic” with renowned traditional Egyptian musicians El Nil Troop; “Fidel,” which consists of recordings with traditional and improvising Cuban musicians Musicos Cubanos.


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Monday 18 January 2016, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

– Praed: Stoned crocodiles (2016)
– Praed: Kill me (2011)
– Raed Yassin w/ Malayeen: Najwa (2013)
– Raed Yassin: Naima (2009)
– Paed Conca w/ Overseas Ensemble: #4 (2015)
– Paed Conca w/ Syg Baas: Trallala (2011)
– Kid Fourteen: Change (2015)
– Jerusalem In My Heart: Yudaghdegh el-ra3ey walal ghanam (2013)
– Praed: Pyramids in the sky (2016)
– Maurice Louca: Idiot (2014)
– Alif: Watti es-sawt (2015)
– Raed Yassin w/ “A” Trio + Alan Bishop: Gently Johnny (2015)
– Praed: 8 Gega (Ruptured session, 2011)

Listen here: ruptures Annihaya 18 janvier



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Friday 8 January 2016, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. The Overseas Ensemble (Sarigama & Paed Conca)
2. Maurice Louca
3. Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan
4. Alif
5. The Overseas Ensemble (Sarigama & Paed Conca)
6. Fareeq el Atrash
7. Safar
8. Mashrou’ Leila
9. The Overseas Ensemble (Sarigama & Paed Conca)
10. The Incompetents
11. Rene Bandaly (Rabih Beaini edit)

Listen here: Ruptures 8 jan (overseas)



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Ziad Nawfal presents
CD release + live performances

Charbel Haber (featuring surprise guest)
Liliane Chlela


On Thursday 21 March 2013, starting 9pm
At Yukunkun, Rue du Liban, Gemmayzeh, Beirut



The Ruptured Sessions is a series of live recordings produced by Lebanese radio host Ziad Nawfal in the studios of Radio Lebanon. The sessions take place during Nawfal’s weekly program Ruptures, with musicians from Beirut’s alternative scene and elsewhere.

Volume 5 documents the city’s younger wave of electronic composers, and features performances from the likes of Jad Atoui, Liliane Chlela, Mocques and RadioKVM. Also included are recordings from American experimental musician Robert Lowe (in his Lichens guise); up-and-coming international projects Praed and Under The Carpet; as well as an exclusive duo of Lebanese guitarist extraordinaire Charbel Nicolas Haber and Canadian sound-maker Radwan Ghazi Moumneh.

The sessions for Volume 5 were recorded in Beirut by sound engineer and musician Fadi Tabbal; and subsequently mastered in Berlin by Belgian artist and producer C-drík, who also worked on Ruptured releases El Rass and Under The Carpet.



Audio 1 – Jad Atoui: Impulse

Audio 2 – Lichens: Swarmed



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City Of Salt is an improvisation trio formed by Paed Conca (Switzerland), Omar Dewachi (Iraq/Canada), and Sam Shalabi (Canada), in the early months of 2012.

The three musicians were the guests of Ziad Nawfal’s Ruptures radio program for an interview & live performance, a few weeks prior to the release of their first album, Towers Open Fire, and a promotional tour in the UK.

Click on the following links to listen to the show:
City of Salt (part 1) + City of Salt (part 2)
[Live sound by Fadi Tabbal]

City Of Salt [live #1] / Shalabi Effect (Ziad’s choice) / City Of Salt / The Velvet Underground (Sam’s choice) / City Of Salt [live #2] / Rasheed al Qundarji (Omar’s choice) / Bushwac (Paed’s choice) / City Of Salt [live #3]

[Pictures by Tanya Traboulsi]














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Under The Carpet is a musical trio based in Beirut, formed in 2011 by Swiss musician Paed Conca, French musician Stéphane Rives, and Lebanese musician Fadi Tabbal.

The band’s first album, entitled Under The Carpet, was recorded in Beirut in various stretches between 2011 and 2012, at Tunefork Studios. Under The Carpet was produced by the Ruptured label in August 2012, and released in September 2012.


x Under The Carpet‘s review in THE DAILY STAR / Lebanon (click to enlarge):


x Under The Carpet‘s review in L’ORIENT LE JOUR / Lebanon (click to enlarge):


x Under The Carpet‘s review in TIME OUT MAGAZINE / Lebanon (click to enlarge):


x Under The Carpet‘s review in Julien Héraud’s IMPROV SPHERE (click to enlarge):


x Under The Carpet‘s review in Brian Olewnick’s JUST OUTSIDE (click to enlarge):


x Under The Carpet‘s review in Thomas Milroth’s SOUND OF MUSIC (click to enlarge):


x Under The Carpet‘s review in VITAL WEEKLY (click to enlarge):

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