CITY OF SALT // Ruptured Session // 18 Jan 2013

City Of Salt is an improvisation trio formed by Swiss bassist and clarinet player Paed Conca, Iraqi oud player Omar Dewachi, and Canadian guitarist Sam Shalabi, in the early months of 2012. The three musicians were the guests of Ziad Nawfal’s Ruptures radio program for an interview and live performance, a few weeks prior to the release of their first album, Towers Open Fire, and a promotional tour in the UK.

City of Salt (part 1) + City of Salt (part 2)

Track listing:
City Of Salt LIVE
Shalabi Effect
City Of Salt
The Velvet Underground
City Of Salt LIVE
Rasheed al Qundarji
City Of Salt LIVE

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]




(2012 end-of-year lists) – OMAR DEWACHI

I asked some of my favorite musician and artist friends, from Beirut and beyond, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2012…
Alternately, they could also provide me with a list of the records they listened to the most in 2012, regardless of date of release.

Omar Dewachi (musician, Land Of Kush / City Of Salt)

1- The Kaleidoscope: A Beacon From Mars (Epic Records, 1968)
2- Alice Coltrane: Journey In Satchidananda (Impulse, 1970)
3- Cecil Taylor: Live In The Black Forest (MPS, 1978)
4- Rashid al-Qundarji: The Falsetto Of Baghdad (Al Sur, 1996)
5- Albert Ayler: Live In Greenwich Village (Impulse, 1966)
6- The XX: Coexist (Young Turks, 2012)
7- Munir Bashir: Raga Roots (Byblos, 2000)
8- The Band: The Last Waltz (Warner Bro/Rhino, 2002)
9- Various Artists: To Scratch your heart, Early Recordings From Istanbul (Honest Jon’s, 2010)
10- Land Of Kush: Monogamy (Constellation, 2010)