Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Radio Ma3azef // 13 April 2022

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Radio Ma3azef in Tunis, featuring artists from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and Iraq:

  1. Alko B [LB]
  2. Wake Island [LB]
  3. Loopstache [LB]
  4. Interbellum [LB]
  5. Ramly [LB]
  6. Filter Happier [LB]
  7. Sandmoon [LB]
  8. Alif [IQ/UK/EG/PS/LB]
  9. Kinematik [LB]
  10. Gurumiran [LB]
  11. Kid Fourteen [LB]
  12. Maurice Louca [EG]
  13. PanSTARRS [EG]
  14. Maryam Saleh + Zeid Hamdan [EG/LB]
  15. Rust [LB]
  16. Muqata’a [PS]

ALKO B // 1st Ruptured Session // 2 Jan 2017

Lebanese indie musician Salim Naffah aka ALKO B was the guest of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2 FM, for an interview revolving around the making and production of his first album “Sex Tapes”. Alko B also performed several songs from the album in the studio, accompanied by Camille Cabbabé (from Filter Happier) on guitar.


LOOPSTACHE // Ruptured Session for WICKERPARK ’16 // 5 Sept 2016

A radio show entirely devoted to the 6th edition of the Wickerpark Festival, taking place on September 10th, 2016, in Batroun, North Lebanon. Featuring some exclusive material from the bands playing in the festival, as well as a special live performance from Loopstache!

Track listing:
Wanton Bishops ‘Waslaha’
Kid Fourteen ‘It’s a lovely night’
Loopstache ‘Time with you is not wasted’ – Ruptures exclusive –
Interbellum ‘Brian Wilson’
Filter Happier ‘Home’
Etyen ‘Lo siento’
Loopstache ‘All I need is you’ – LIVE –
Safar ‘It’s you’ – Ruptures exclusive –
Kid Fourteen ‘The dancer’
Lumi ‘Talk to you’ – Ruptures exclusive –
Etyen ‘Sawa’
Interbellum ‘Wrinkles’
Wanton Bishops ‘Sun rising’
Safar ‘Wa namchi’
Filter Happier ‘Glow’



LOOPSTACHE // Interview // 7 July 2014

Lebanese electro-pop duo LOOPSTACHE (Carl Ferneiné & Salim Naffah) were the guests of Ruptures, a few days prior to the launch of their first album, for an interview covering different aspects of their career and musical influences.

ruptures loopstache (part 1) + ruptures loopstache (part 2)

Track listing:
Loopstache *2
Scissor Sisters
The Beatles
Sister Sledge
James Brown
Ray Charles
Loopstache *2


Ruptures Radio Show // 14 Apr 2014

Monday 14 April 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Loopstache
2. Loopstache [Franz Ferdinand cover]
3. Who Killed Bruce Lee
4. Spoils & Servants
5. Wake Island
6. Wanton Bishops
7. Scrambled Eggs
8. Jammit The Band
9. El Far3i
10. Latlateh
11. Deeb (feat. Edd Abbas)

12. Tripnol
13. Khotta B
14. Chyno
15. Trash Inc. [Mohammed Abdel-Wahab Rework]
16. Aziza
17. Fady Aswad