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A radio program entirely dedicated to electronica artist Munma,

Featuring demos, album tracks, exclusive versions and remixes from this talented Lebanese young man’s 10-year (and going) career:

1. Munma: Soft Integration (Previews and Premises, 2010)
2. Munma: A Tribute to Mahjoub Omar (demo, 2013)
3. El Rass & Munma: ‘Awdat al Batriq (Adam, Darwin & the Batriq, 2014)
4. Munma with Naserdayn el Touffar: Nay (demo, 2014)
5. Munma: Munma (34 Days, 2006)
6. Munma: IRM (Black Tuesday, 2007)
7. Munma: Engram (Unholy Republic, 2008)
8. Trash Inc. & Munma: Nightwalker #2 (demo, 2009)
9. Index/Left: Hecatonchires (demo, 2010)
10. Scrambled Eggs: Bleeding Nun (Munma remix, from Happy Together Filthy Forever, 2006)
11. Litter: Hummingbird (Munma remix, from Newfound Grids, 2012)
12. Infinite Moment of Composure: Infiltration (Turbulence, 2012 / vox by Maria Kassab)
13. Tasjil Moujahed: Aviatrix (Musafer, 2012 / vox by Maria Kassab)
14. Munma feat. radiokvm: The Funeral (No Apologies, 2013)

Listen: ruptures munma lundi 26 oct


34 days









Munma black-Tuesday low-res









Unholy Republic low-res


















Tasjiil Moujahed 1







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Playlist: Radiokvm / Index/Left / OkyDoky & Radiokvm / Beirut Scum Society

Audio Links: Radio KVM (part 1)Radio KVM (part 2)

Pictures (courtesy of Tanya Traboulsi):


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Kevork Keshishian, aka dance music producer Diamond Setter, produced his first-ever live electronic set, over the course of a memorable edition of “Ruptures” in Radio Lebanon’s studios.

As his bio tells us, Kevork’s stage-name is a reference to his previous occupation, when he used to spend strenuous hours in his workshop setting diamonds every day. He decided to relinquish this activity in 2008, and devote all his time to DJing and music production. Following stints in various Beiruti bars, Diamond Setter became a resident DJ at The Basement; there, he played alongside several international DJs and musicians, including Tigerskin, Scratch Massive, P-Toile and many others.

In parallel to his DJing activities, Diamond Setter holds an impressive track record in the field of production. His partnership with Lebanese DJ/producer Jade yielded a remix for Lebanese electro-rock band Lumi in 2007. The Jade & Diamond Setter duo went on to build a solid reputation as dance music producers, and their tracks received positive feedback on Lebanon’s dance floors.

In 2009, Diamond Setter remixed Nina Simone’s “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair” and Tunisian electro-jazz musician Dhafer Youssef’s “Man Of Wool”. More recent remix work includes Abe Duque’s “What Happened” and Gossip’s “Heavy Cross”, the latter in collaboration with German producer Lopazz.

His is the longest live set to be recorded for “Ruptures” yet. Clocking in at 34 minutes, it provides an exemplary outlook on this young DJ/producer’s range of styles and influences, from soul to funk, rock to electronica, to film soundtracks and way beyond.

[Full track listing]

1. Herbert
2. Index/Left

To listen: Diamond Setter 1

3. DIAMOND SETTER live electronic set (34 mn)
4. Yeasayer
5. John Coltrane

To listen: Diamond Setter 2

More stuff: soundcloud.com/diamond-setter

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

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Lebanese dubstep duo INDEX/LEFT (Ziad Moukarzel & Jawad Nawfal) were the guests of RUPTURES to present a selection of new tracks recorded exclusively for their BASEMENT concert of July 16.

… And by the same token, the two hyperactive boys offered Ruptures’ audience an overview of the DUBSTEP genre, from its early beginnings to the present day.

To listen: Index Left part 1 + Index Left part 2

Find out more: http://www.myspace.com/indexleft

Track listing: Ramadanman / Index/Left / King Midas Sound / Quanta 330 / Kode9 / Martyn / Headhunter / Zomby / Modeselektor (feat. Thom Yorke) / Bloc Party (Burial remix)

[Photos by Caroline Tabet / Flyer by Youmna Habbouche]

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Jawad Nawfal was the guest of RUPTURES to present his album “PREVIEWS & PREMISES”, his fourth release under the MUNMA moniker.

“Previews & Premises” is a collection of tracks recorded by Nawfal between 2006 and 2010. Not exactly a compilation, not exactly a concept album either, this new release was accompanied by a live concert at The Basement, on May 14, which marked Munma’s first “solo” appearance on a Lebanese stage since 2007.

One of the first and foremost Lebanese artists operating in the field of electronica today, Nawfal has held live appearances in Lebanon and France, and regularly collaborated with Lebanese electronic musicians (including TRASH INC and dubstep project INDEX/LEFT).

Munma have released 3 albums of ambient electronic music between 2006 and 2008 on Lebanese label Incognito.

Audio links: Munma 10 May part 1 + Munma 10 May part 2

Playlist: Munma / Index/Left / Jawad Nawfal & Jad Atoui

[Photos by Tanya Traboulsi]

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