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A radio show entirely devoted to the 7th edition of the Wickerpark Festival, taking place on September 9th, 2017, in Batroun, North Lebanon.

1. The Bunny Tylers: Mothers make murderers
2. The Bunny Tylers: I’ll make it up to you
3. Who Killed Bruce Lee: Enemy at the line
4. Who Killed Bruce Lee: Mastercraft
5. Kinematik: kelmeh oula
6. Hello Psychaleppo: Tarab dub
7. Al Rajul al Hadidi & Chyno: Zam zam
8. Al Rajul al Hadidi & Chyno: Shimmy shimmy ya
9. Hello Psychaleppo: Beirut
10. Kinematik: hhx (live at Tunefork)
11. Alko B: Charlie / and out
12. Alko B: Her heart gets to stay
13. The Bunny Tylers: It seems it all disappears

> Listen to the showruptures wickerpark 4 septembre


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Syrian electronic musician  and producer Samer Saem Eldahr, aka Hello Psychaleppo, was the guest of Ruptures, for an interview covering various aspects of his production work, as well as the release of his third album, Ha!. He was accompanied by the album’s producer, Raed el-Khazen.

Listen to Part 1: ruptures psychaleppo 28 july (part 1)
[Hello Psychaleppo / Hello Psychaleppo]

Listen to Part 2: ruptures psychaleppo 28 july (part 2)
[Mohammed Ghazi / Abdelhalim Hafez / Thom Yorke / Luke Vibert / Hello Psychaleppo]

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