Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for The Lick Records // 01 November 2020

GLOBAL FOLK & ROCK FROM HERE, THERE & ELSEWHERE – Ziad Nawfal’s mix for The Lick Records in Beirut:

1. Al Thoulathy al Mareh – Asmar Ya Sukkar [Egypt]
2. Star Band de Dakar – Le Lolaye [Senegal]
3. Kamal Keila – Al Asafir [Sudan]
4. Tamikrest – Wainan Adobat [Mali, Niger, Algeria]
5. Erkin Koray – Karlı Dağlar [Turkey]
6. Cheikha Rimitti – Rah Glaibi Andek [Algeria]
7. Maleem Mahmoud Ghania & Pharoah Sanders – Bala Moussaka [Morocco, USA]
8. Jaafar Hassan – Once A Day [Iraq]
9. The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr – Farrah Galbi Al Jadeed [Sudan]
10. Al Massrieen – El Sobhiya [Egypt]
11. R.D. Burman – Mehbooba Mehbooba [India]
12. Salim el Baroudi – Fatouma [Egypt]
13. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba – Bassekou [Mali]
14. Bargou 08 – Chech el Khater [Tunisia, Belgium]
15. Grupo Pilon – Rabes [Cape Verde]
16. Yīn Yīn – One Inch Punch [The Netherlands]
17. Sons of Kemet – My Queen Is Albertina Sisulu [UK]

Ruptured News // MUSIC RELIEF FOR BEIRUT #1: Berlin

In the aftermath of the August 4th explosion in Beirut, which left several hundred people dead, thousands injured, and resulted in city-wide material damage, several labels and platforms have started releasing compilations in support of the crisis.

Berlin-based label Syrphe Records, a platform for experimental and noise music from Asia and Africa, put out four compilations entitled Retrieving Beirut, with music by 94 acts from 40 countries. Featured genres include ambient, drone, techno, prog rock and industrial. Proceeds will be offered to one or more Lebanese charities.

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Lebanese musician Rabih Beaini released The Sacred Rage on his label Morphine Records. The 12-track compilation features new tracks by the likes of German musicians Monolake and Rashad Becker, Lebanese musicians ‘A’ Trio, Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, and Beaini himself. All proceeds will go to organisations working on the ground in Beirut.

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Solidarity With Beirut from the Berlin-based label Habibi Funk features seven cuts by artists from Beirut, including Roger Fakhr, revered band Ferkat Al Ard and Munir Khauli, whose track, “Heik Ha Nishtghil?,” was recorded in the mid-’80s. All proceeds from the compilation will go to the Lebanese Red Cross.

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