Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Radio Ma3azef // 13 April 2022

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Radio Ma3azef in Tunis, featuring artists from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and Iraq:

  1. Alko B [LB]
  2. Wake Island [LB]
  3. Loopstache [LB]
  4. Interbellum [LB]
  5. Ramly [LB]
  6. Filter Happier [LB]
  7. Sandmoon [LB]
  8. Alif [IQ/UK/EG/PS/LB]
  9. Kinematik [LB]
  10. Gurumiran [LB]
  11. Kid Fourteen [LB]
  12. Maurice Louca [EG]
  13. PanSTARRS [EG]
  14. Maryam Saleh + Zeid Hamdan [EG/LB]
  15. Rust [LB]
  16. Muqata’a [PS]

Ziad Nawfal Guest Mix for Movement Radio // 02 November 2021

Ziad Nawfal’s monthly mix for Movement Radio in Athens, featuring music from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Indonesia. This mix was commissioned and produced by Onassis Cultural Center, and presented for the first time in the frame of MOVEMENT RADIO.

1. Melmo – After [LB]
2. Khaled Omran – Arak [SY]
3. The Butcher’s Bride (Liliane Chlela & Hamed Sinno) – Lipsync [LB]
4. Serge Yared – Deliberate Depression [LB]
5. Wanderland – December [LB]
6. Anthony Sahyoun – Irhamna (Premiere) [LB]
7. Senyawa – Kabau (1800s Internet Remix) [ID/JO]
8. Jaafar Touffar – Nitrate [LB]
9. Gurumiran – Man Who Sold Eldunya [LB]
10. Sandmoon – Angels [LB]
11. Postcards – Mother Tongue [LB]
12. Filter Happier – Radiobed [LB]
13. Sharif Sehnaoui – Thawra [LB]
14. Calamita – The Industry [LB/IT]
15. The Bunny Tylers – Mothers Make Murderers (Summer 91) [LB}

Photo by Nayla Naoufal


Décalages Radio Show // 1 Jan 2017

Sunday 1st January 2017, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

The best way to start the year, undoubtedly, with a selection of tracks from Lebanese, Palestinian and Egyptian artists and bands:

1. Safar: No service (lb)
2. Alko B: Charlie / And out (lb)
3. Nadine Khouri: A song to the city (lb)
4. Ramly: The cold (lb)
5. Aya Metwalli: Triangle (eg)
6. Bachar Mar-Khalife: Ya nas (lb)
7. Maii & Zeid: Hassafer baeed (eg/lb)
8. Zeid & The Wings: Cowards (lb)
9. Wake Island: Milad majik (lb)
10. Gurumiran: Dreamer (lb)
11. Filter Happier: Dust (lb)
12. Fadi Tabbal: A glass tower (lb)
13. Youmna Saba: Khyout / Sadeeq (lb)
14. Youmna Saba: Al hitan (lb)
15. Postcards: Porto (lb)
16. Charlie Rayne: Madeleines (lb)
17. Serge Yared: 2HJ (lb)
18. The Incompetents: Closing time (lb)
19. Heroes & Villains: Out of credit (lb)
20. Etyen: Lo siento (lb)
21. Kid Fourteen: Find your lover (lb)
22. Mashrou’ Leila: Wa nueid (lb)
23. Sandmoon: Time has yet to come (lb)
24. White Trees: Natural symphony of sounds and colors (lb)
25. Safar: Wa namchi (lb)
26. Interbellum: Double back (lb)
27. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh: Hob (ps)
28. Maryam Saleh: Walaa soda (eg)
29. Mme Chandelier: Minimal potato (lb)
30. El Rass & Munma: Kashghara (lb)


ANTHONY SEMAAN & BEIRUT JAM SESSIONS // Interview // 16 Nov 2015

Lebanese promoter Anthony Semaan from Beirut Jam Sessions was the guest of Ruptures for an exclusive interview, during which he gave a detailed overview of his collective’s past concerts, as well as the numerous events they’ve got planned for the coming two months!

Track listing:
Thomas Azier
Stu Larsen
Son Of Dave
Who Killed Bruce Lee
We Are Match
We Were Evergreen
Time For T
To Kill A King
Is Tropical

Take a look at Beirut Jam Sessions’ fantastic YouTube channel here


GURUMIRAN // Interview #2 // 17 July 2015

Lebanese musician Miran Gurunian aka GURUMIRAN was the guest of Ruptures for an interview covering various aspects of his musical production, as well as the imminent release of his first solo album, “Aberrance”.

ruptures gurumiran 17 july (part 1) + ruptures gurumiran 17 july (part 2)

Track listing:
Gurumiran *2
John Grant
Miles Davis
Grant Green
Atoms For Peace
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds