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Philippino/Syrian hip-hop artist CHYNO was the guest of the Ruptures radio program for an interview covering the making of his first solo album, “Making Music to Feel at Home”.

Listen to Part 1: ruptures chyno 1
[Track list: Chyno / Naughty By Nature / A Tribe Called Quest / Wu-Tang Clan / Mos Def (feat. Talib Kweli & Common / Nas / Jay-Z]

Listen to Part 2: ruptures chyno 2
[Track list: Chyno / Kanye West / Outkast]



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I asked some of my musician friends from Beirut, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2014…
Or the music they’ve listened to the most during the past year, regardless of date of release


John Imad Nasr

In no particular order:

– El P & Killer Mike: Run The Jewels 2
– Black Milk: If There’s A Hell Below
– Seun Kuti: Long Way To The Beginning
– Original soundtrack: Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol.1
– Royce The 5’9” & DJ Premier: PRhyme
– Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: Piñata
– Satti : Food Idea EP
– The Roots: …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin
– El Rass & Munma: Adam, Darwin & The Penguin
– Wu Tang Clan: A Better Tomorrow

Edd Abbas

10. Common: Nobody’s Smiling
Not your typical Common album, he uses a very serious attitude and a much darker approach than usual; the album is produced by NO I.D, who had previously worked on lots of singles but never on an entire album

9. The Roots: …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin
This is the follow-up to the concept album released last year, entitled “Undun”; not a bad sequel at all, it leaves you wanting more because of its short length, worth listening to

8. Flying Lotus: You’re Dead!
Fly Lo is always experimenting and trying to take it to another level; if you’re into TripHop, Experimental Hiphop and ambiant/electro music and all about new sounds, that’s your album

7. I Am Legion: I Am Legion
If you’re into Grime, heavy basslines and fast rhyming, this is one of those albums you should check out

6. Fashawn & The Alchemist: FASH-ionably Late
This is for Hip-Hop Heads; sick rhyming on top of beats by the one and only Alchemist, this is a must!

5. Jhene Aiko: Souled Out
A very soulful voice coming out of the new school, very smooth and chilled album; strictly for late nights!

4. Dilated Peoples: Directors Of Photography
Evidence, Rakaa and DJ Babu got back together after almost 7 years to hit us with a Bomb; whether you’re a fan or not, you gotta check this out

3. Mobb Deep: The Infamous Mobb Deep
Mobb Deep took us back to the 90’s with this album; if you grew up in the Golden era, this one is for you!

2. Step Brothers (The Alchemist & Evidence): Lord Steppington
This was album of the year for me as soon as it came out, until J-Cole’s album dropped; the long awaited collaboration between Hip-hop giants Evidence & Alchemist dropped early this year, and it was the only thing I was listening to for 3 months; this album is a must!

1. J-Cole: Forest Hills Drive
Best album you can get this year, from production to lyrical content; this album is J-Cole’s best work till now, hands down



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Monday 21 April 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Loopstache
2. Loopstache (Franz Ferdinand cover)
3. Who Killed Bruce Lee
4. Spoils & Servants
5. Wake Island
6. Wanton Bishops
7. Scrambled Eggs
8. Jammit The Band
9. El Far3i
10. Latlateh
11. Deeb (feat. Edd Abbas)

> Listen to Part 1ruptures 21 april (1)

12. Tripnol
13. Khotta B
14. Chyno
15. Trash Inc. (Mohammed Abdel-Wahab Rework)
16. Aziza
17. Fady Aswad

> Listen to Part 2ruptures 21 april (2)

The record of the evening

Aziza 1


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Monday 10 February 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Tripnol
2. Edd Abbas
3. Fareeq el Atrash
4. El Rass & Munma
5. El Far3i (Munma prod.)
6. Nasreddine Touffar (Munma prod.)
7. Tashweesh (Ruptured session)

> Listen to Part 1ruptures 10 february (part 1)

8. Boikutt
9. Tripnol
10. Munma
11. Funny Death
12. Mocques (Ruptured session)
13. Jad Atoui
14. RadioKVM (Ruptured session)
15. Trash Inc.
16. Escape To Venus

> Listen to Part 2ruptures 10 february (part 2)

The record of the evening


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Lebanese musician and producer John Imad Nasr, one of the founders of hip-hop crew Fareeq el Atrash, pursues his regular appearances on Ziad Nawfal’s weekly radio show Ruptures, playing some of his favorite musical cuts from Beirut’s effervescent alternative scene, and beyond.

> Listen to Part 1: ruptures john nasr #2 (Part 1)

Playlist: The Roots / A Tribe Called Quest / Pete Rock & CL Smooth / Ohio Players

> Listen to Part 2: ruptures john nasr #2 (Part 2)

Playlist: El Michels Affair /Fareeq el Atrash / Atoms For Peace / Tony Allen / Slick Rick

The record of the evening:


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Lebanese musician and producer John Imad Nasr, one of the founders of renowned hip-hop crew Fareeq el Atrash, was the guest of Ziad Nawfal’s weekly radio show Ruptures, where he presented his band’s latest album, ‘Al Mawjeh el Tarsha, and played some of his favorite musical cuts.

> Listen to Part 1: Ruptures John i. Nasr (part 1)

Playlist: Fareeq el Atrash / Gangstarr / Fareeq el Atrash

> Listen to Part 2: Ruptures John i. Nasr (part 2)

Playlist: Public Enemy / Fareeq el Atrash / Edd Abbas & Satti (featuring DJ Stickfiggr) / Tanjaret Daghet / The Roots

The record of the evening:


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I asked some of my favorite musician and artist friends, from Beirut and beyond, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2012…
Alternately, they could also provide me with a list of the records they listened to the most in 2012, regardless of date of release.

Edd Abbas (producer & musician, Fareeq el Atrash)

– Deeb: سلام البارد  (The Cold Peace)

– Satti: Mixtape Vol. 2 (طلقة)

– Stormtrap: Iradeh (إرادة) EP

– Khotta Ba: Al Tatweer al Hadari EP

– Far3i: Sot Min Khashab

– Edd Abbas, Qarar & Samer AK: Min Wara el 3adaseh (من ورا العدسة) EP

– jj & MF Doom: Key To The Kuffs

– Lupe Fiasco: Food & Liquor 2, The Great American Rap Album (Part 1)

– The Alchemist: Russian Roulette

– Oh No: Ohnomite

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