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Richard Eigner is an Austrian composer, drummer, sound-artist and producer. He spent an eventful week in Beirut, during which he presented his ‘Denoising’ project at Beirut Art Center, in the company of our very own Osman Arabi and Charbel Haber, featured on electric guitar(s). He was also part of the live line-up for the Acousmatik event of May 28, entitled Chaos Reigns With Matta UK.

Eigner was the guest of Ruptures for an impromptu interview and live performance, during which he ‘Denoised’ the studio’s old and battered grand piano, and presented excerpts from his extensive discography.

Track listing: Ritornell / Otomo Yoshihide (original + Denoised version) / Fennesz (original + Denoised version) / Lou Reed (original + denoised version) / De-Noising of field recordings

Listen here: Richard Eigner part 1 + Richard Eigner part 2

[Photos courtesy of Tanya Traboulsi]

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