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We asked some of our musician friends and collaborators to tell us about their 10 favorite albums of 2016.

RADWAN GHAZI MOUMNEH (Jerusalem In My Heart)

1. Klein – Only
2. Julius Eastman – Feminine (reissue)
3. Dedekind Cut – $uccessor
4. Katerine – Le film
5. Serpent With Feet – Blisters
6. Elysia Crampton – Demon City
7. Le Révélateur – Hyper
8. Yves Tumor – Serpent Music
9. Babyfather – Hosted By DJ Escrow
10. عبده العمري – ليالي الصيف (reissue)
11. فرقة العقارب و سيف ابو بكر (reissue)




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Lebanese producer & musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh was the guest of Ruptures on September 20, 2010, for an enlightening interview and terribly enjoyable live performance.

Moumneh is a man of many talents, producing for the likes of A Silver Mt Zion, Clues and Eric Chenaux, performing under the name Jerusalem In My Heart, and of course holding the fort at Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango, a renowned 24-track analogue studio situated in Montréal, Québec.

To listen: Radwan Moumneh 1 + Radwan Moumneh 2

Track listing: Les Momies de Palerme / Eric Chenaux / The Hidden Words / Jimmy Hunt / Khodr el Nasser…

[Photographs by Kevork Keshishian]


[Photographs by Tanya Traboulsi]

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Their second album finds the Eggs hard at work establishing their own, particular musical identity; although some of their influences can still be discerned (specifically, the bands from the Canadian label Constellation), the boys truly create their own distinctive sound on this album, a fine mesh of guitars and noises, pushing to the extreme the search for harmony in chaos. They have matured, embraced a whole new palette of sounds, and as the title of the album seems to indicate, have found true inspiration within themselves.


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