GHASSAN SALHAB // Interview #2 // 5 March 2012

A l’occasion de la sortie de son 1er ouvrage, ‘Fragments du Livre du Naufrage’ (Amers Editions), le réalisateur Ghassan Salhab était l’invité de l’émission Ruptures (Radio Liban 96.2FM) le Lundi 5 Mars, pendant une heure où il a donné libre cours à ses préférences musicales.

Ghassan Salhab (part 1) + Ghassan Salhab (part 2)

Track listing:
Patti Smith
The Gun Club
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Angels Of Light
A Place To Bury Strangers
Bohren & der Club of Gore
Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Gérard Manset

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Ruptured News // UNTITLED TRACKS Book Publication // Amers Editions

UNTITLED TRACKS: On Alternative Music in Beirut
Photographs by Tanya Traboulsi
Edited by Ziad Nawfal and Ghalya Saadawi
Design by Youmna Habbouche
Published by Amers Editions, Beirut, Lebanon

Untitled Tracks: On Alternative Music in Beirut is a collection of texts and photos which begins to chart the manifold, mutating and increasingly visible alternative musical landscapes in Beirut. Through a generous series of photographs taken from Tanya Traboulsi’s ongoing project Music is Life, as well as reflective texts on topics such as the melancholy sound of Soapkills, the politics and relevance of noise, and the interference of genres, this publication investigates the resonances of music and noise in the organized chaos and politics of everyday life.

Contributions by Serge Abiaad, Seth Ayyaz, Rayya Badran, Charbel Haber, Nizar Mroueh, Ziad Nawfal, Ghalya Saadawi, Walid Sadek and Kaelen Wilson-Goldie.