(2021 end-of-year lists) – CEDRIK FERMONT

It had been a while (five good years actually) since we’d done this, so we went ahead and asked the musicians whom we worked with this year in some respect or other, to tell us about their favorite albums of 2021.


– Tongue Depressor: Fiddle Music [vol. 7]
– Aisha Orazbayeva: Slow Change
– Dave Phillips: A Collection of Excuses
– Rastko Lazic: Sketches
– Leider: A Fog Like Liars Loving
– The Pond: Turchesi Miracolosi
– Pé: As Honor Was on Its Last Leg
– Various Artists: Noise à Noise 21​.​1
– Various Artists: Istimrar Phase 1
– Various Artists: We Continue on Our Journey Through the Universe

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