Ruptured Live // MAYA CHAMI // Of Men, Champagne And Victory Aside

Ruptured presents
Of Men, Champagne and Victory Aside
Two live audio-visual presentations by Maya CHAMI

With music by Fadi TABBAL

Presentation #1
On Sunday 16 December 2012, at 6.30pm
At ACT – Théâtre Monnot, Ashrafieh, Beirut
For information, call 01-202422 between 3&7pm [except Mondays]

Presentation #2
On Thursday 20 December 2012, at 7.30pm
At Django Pub, Rue du Liban, Gemmayzeh
[Followed by DJ sets from Serge Yared & Ziad Nawfal]
For information, call 01-567535 or 03-157535


“Of Men, Champagne and Victory Aside” consists of an audio-visual presentation, merging laptop-generated visuals and live music. It is a playful examination into the theme of the ‘victory sign’ in the Arab world, from the 1980’s to the present.
After examining archive material, endless possibilities of animating, overlaying and deconstructing of audio-visual clips are generated into a new moving image, liberated from the ‘flow’ of the media.
The outcome is a live audio-visual presentation based on a creation of remixed visuals and audio soundtracks.


[This event is produced by AFAC, in collaboration with RUPTURED and TUNEFORK]

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