Ruptured News // MUSIC FANZINE Vol.2 with Ziad Nawfal // Papercup


The selection of songs on the cassette accompanying MUSIC FANZINE vol.2 comes from the first vinyl albums I bought and liked. I asked my brother Jawad to transfer the songs from vinyl to digital, and then from digital to tape. A tortuous process, yes, but I’m very happy with the final result.

For the unlucky ones who do not own tape players anymore, here are the two sides of the cassette in digital form, for easier listening access. There were several songs which did not fit on the cassette, so I added them here as well. A bonus selection, so to speak. Enjoy!

1.    Magazine: Motorcade (1978, from After the fact compilation, 1982)
2.    Classix Nouveaux: The robots dance (single A-side, 1980)
3.    Young Marble Giants: Include me out (from Colossal youth, 1980)
4.    Alan Vega: Ghost rider (from Collision drive, 1981)
5.    Spandau Ballet: To cut a long story short (from Journeys to glory, 1981)
6.    Blancmange: Feel me (from Happy families, 1982)
7.    Marc & The Mambas: Untitled (from Untitled, 1982)
8.    Cocteau Twins: Shallow then halo (from Garlands, 1982)
9.    David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto: Bamboo houses (single A-side, 1982)
10.    Depeche Mode: Shame (from Construction time again, 1983)
11.    Cabaret Voltaire: The web (from The covenant, the sword and the arm of the lord, 1984)

To listen to Side A, click on the following link: Zawfal_Face A

1.    The The: This is the day (from Soul mining, 1983)
2.    Associates: Breakfast (from Perhaps, 1984)
3.    Lloyd Cole & The Commotions: Forest fire (from Rattlesnakes, 1984)
4.    The Church: Constant in opal (from Remote luxury, 1984)
5.    Dali’s Car: His box (from The waking hour, 1984)
6.    Love & Rockets: Haunted when the minutes drag (from 7th dream of teenage heaven, 1985)
7.    Echo & The Bunnymen: Heads will roll (from Porcupine, 1983)
8.    Skeletal Family: She cries alone (from Futile combat, 1985)
9.    Public Image Limited: Fishing (from Album, 1986)
10.    Violent Femmes: No killing (from The blind leading the naked, 1986)

To listen to Side B, click on the following link: Zawfal_Face B

1.    Fad Gadget: Life on the line (1982, from The Fad Gadget singles, 1986)
2.    Visage: Mind of a toy (from Visage, 1980)
3.    Ultravox: All stood still (from Vienna, 1980)
4.    The Cure: Primary (1981, taken from Standing on a beach, 1986)
5.    Modern English: Tables turning (from After the snow, 1982)
6.    The Waterboys: It should have been you (from The Waterboys, 1983)
7.    Simple Minds: Chelsea girl (from Life in a day, 1983)
8.    John Foxx: Your dress (from The golden section, 1983)
9.    Sisters of Mercy: Kiss the carpet (from The reptile house, 1983)
10.    Siouxsie & The Banshees: Bring me the head of the preacher man (from Hyaena, 1984)
11.    The Three Johns: Johnny the perfect son (from The world by storm, 1986)
12.    Freur: Happiness (from Get us out of here, 1986)
13.    Hipsway: Ask the lord (from Hipsway, 1986)
14.    Red Guitars: Be with me (from Tales of the expected, 1986)

To listen to Side C, click on the following link: Zawfal_Face C

2 thoughts on “Ruptured News // MUSIC FANZINE Vol.2 with Ziad Nawfal // Papercup

  1. je viens d’écouter les 3 faces… qui m’ont replongé dans mon adolescence, ça m’a fait un petit coup de nostalgie. Et de me dire que, définitivement, mon cœur bat que quand mon corps sue.

    Rock the house !

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