In collaboration with Tunefork,

Lebanese independent label RUPTURED is proud to present 3 concerts with renowned Swiss experimental trio KOCH–SCHÜTZ–STUDER.

In Beirut in different venues in February 2016.

> February 9, 8.30pm:
ACOUSTIC TRIO @Onomatopoeia The Music Hub

> February 11, 8.30pm:
CINE-CONCERT “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” @Beirut Art Center
Facebook event here

> February 13, 9.30pm:
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Swiss trio “KOCH-SCHÜTZ-STUDER” made its name on the international jazz scene for its radical and uncompromising “Hardcore Chambermusic.”

Hans Koch, Martin Schütz and Fredy Studer have been working in a “style-free” musical zone since 1990, equally at ease in jazz festivals, underground rock and electronic music clubs, as well as in the context of contemporary “classical” music.

In their music, sequenced sounds from various unrecognizable sources and live electronics create dense walls of sound, which are contrasted with completely acoustic, minimalistic-ambient improvisations.

Besides their work as a trio, “Koch-Schütz-Studer” have initiated various projects and worked with musicians and artists from different cultural and artistic backgrounds: “Roots and Wires,” with New York-based DJs I-Sound and M. Singe; “Heavy Cairo Traffic” with renowned traditional Egyptian musicians El Nil Troop; “Fidel,” which consists of recordings with traditional and improvising Cuban musicians Musicos Cubanos.


Friday 27 November 2015, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan
2. Alif
3. Flum Project
4. Mocques (Ruptured session)
5. El Rass & Munma
6. Chyno
7. Fareeq el Atrash
8. Gurumiran
9. White Trees (Ruptured session)
10. Safar
11. Ramly
12. Postcards
13. Charlie Rayne
14. Youmna Saba
15. Fadi Tabbal

Listen to the show: Ruptures 27 nov 15

The record of the evening:


Lebanese promoter Anthony Semaan from Beirut Jam Sessions was the guest of Ruptures for an exclusive interview, during which he gave a detailed overview of his collective’s past concerts, as well as the numerous events they’ve got planned for the coming two months!

Playlist: Thomas Azier / Stu Larsen / Son Of Dave / Who Killed Bruce Lee / We Are Match / We Were Evergreen / Postcards / Time For T / To Kill A King / Lumi / Gurumiran / Is Tropical

Listen to the showRuptures Beirut Jam Sessions

The program of Beirut Jam Sessions for November 2015 / January 2016:

x November 26: Time For T (UK) > https://www.facebook.com/events/494050790766195/
x December 10: Postcards (LB) > https://www.facebook.com/events/1515149968806072/
x December 17: Lumi (LB) > https://www.facebook.com/events/157943351227522/
x December 29: Gurumiran (LB) > https://www.facebook.com/events/202743403390280/
x January 7: Is Tropical (UK) > https://www.facebook.com/events/1491853124450077/

Take a look at Beirut Jam Sessions’ fantastic YouTube channel here


A radio program entirely dedicated to electronica artist Munma,

Featuring demos, album tracks, exclusive versions and remixes from this talented Lebanese young man’s 10-year (and going) career:

1. Munma: Soft Integration (Previews and Premises, 2010)
2. Munma: A Tribute to Mahjoub Omar (demo, 2013)
3. El Rass & Munma: ‘Awdat al Batriq (Adam, Darwin & the Batriq, 2014)
4. Munma with Naserdayn el Touffar: Nay (demo, 2014)
5. Munma: Munma (34 Days, 2006)
6. Munma: IRM (Black Tuesday, 2007)
7. Munma: Engram (Unholy Republic, 2008)
8. Trash Inc. & Munma: Nightwalker #2 (demo, 2009)
9. Index/Left: Hecatonchires (demo, 2010)
10. Scrambled Eggs: Bleeding Nun (Munma remix, from Happy Together Filthy Forever, 2006)
11. Litter: Hummingbird (Munma remix, from Newfound Grids, 2012)
12. Infinite Moment of Composure: Infiltration (Turbulence, 2012 / vox by Maria Kassab)
13. Tasjil Moujahed: Aviatrix (Musafer, 2012 / vox by Maria Kassab)
14. Munma feat. radiokvm: The Funeral (No Apologies, 2013)

Listen: ruptures munma lundi 26 oct


34 days









Munma black-Tuesday low-res









Unholy Republic low-res


















Tasjiil Moujahed 1







Monday 28 September 2015, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Ceasar K: Hip-Hop Music
2. El Rass & Munma: Batriq (Remix)
3. Munma: Black Desert
4. Flum Project: Court-circuit
5. Okydoky: No Emperor (Jad Atoui Remix)
6. Okydoky: No Emperor
7. Hello Psychaleppo: Khayr al shaghab (Feat. Naserdayn Touffar & Sayyed Darwish)
8. Far3i: Tezkara wa jawazeyn (Boikutt prod.)
9. Edd Abbas: Hiraz (Feat. Far3i)
10. Khotta Ba: Makiyaj al madina
11. Asifeh: Su’ tafahum
12. Boikutt: Al missfah
13. Panstarrs: Khallly balak hatmoot
14. Morphosis: Wild In Captivity
15. radiokvm: Breeding Clones

Listen to the show: Ruptures 28 sept 15

The record of the evening:


Monday 21 September 2015, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart [CA/LB]
2. Jerusalem In My Heart [CA/LB]
3. Gurumiran [LB]
4. Alif [EG/IQ/LB/PS]
5. Maryam Saleh [EG]
6. Mashrou’ Leila [LB]
7. Spoils & Servants [LB]

Listen to Part 1ruptures 19-9-15 (part 1)

8. Beirut Scum Society [LB]
9. Who Killed Bruce Lee [LB]
10. Scrambled Eggs [LB]
11. Wake Island [CA/LB]
12. The Incompetents [LB]
13. Loopstache (Franz Ferdinand cover) [LB]
14. The New Government [LB/FR]
15. Ramly [LB]

> Listen to Part 2ruptures 19-9-15 (part 2)

The record of the evening:



Sunday 20 September 2015, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

On the occasion of British musician MIKE COOPER‘s three concerts in Beirut, organized by Ruptured, here is a radio show dedicated to his numerous releases of the last decade, as well as a generous side-order of American blues singers and guitar players, added for good measure!

1. Mike Cooper, from Elio Martusciello: Concrete Songs
2. Mike Cooper, from Various artists: I Never Meta Guitar
3. Mike Cooper, from Beach Crossings – Pacific Footprints
4. Mike Cooper, from Truth In The Abstract Blues w/ Leila Adu & Fabrizio Spera
5. Skip James
6. Leadbelly
7. Mike Cooper, from Spirit Songs
8. Mike Cooper, from Rayon Hula
9. Mike Cooper, same as #4
10. Mike Cooper, same as #3
11. Mike Cooper, from Blue Guitar
12. Mike Cooper, from Finding Other Worlds
13. John Fahey
14. John Renbourn
15. Blind Willie Johnson

Listen to Part 1: decalages mike cooper (part 1)

16. Son House
17. Bukka White
18. Mississipi John Hurt
19. Robert Pete Williams
20. Karen Dalton
21. Mike Cooper, same as #1
22. Mike Cooper, from Avant Roots w/ Viv Corrigan
23. Mike Cooper, from Oceanic Feeling Like w/ Chris Abrahams
24. Mike Cooper, same as #4
25. Robert Johnson
26. Blind Lemon Jefferson
27. Blind Willie McTell
28. Little Willie John
29. Howlin’ Wolf
30. John Lee Hooker
31. Mike Cooper, same as #11
32. Youmna Saba

Listen to Part 2: decalages mike cooper (part 2)