Lebanese electronic musician Sary Moussa, aka radiokvm, was the guest of Ruptures for an interview showcasing various aspects of his production work, as well as the release of his vinyl, ISSRAR, for Lebanese independent label Ruptured.

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Listen to Part 2: ruptures radiokvm 13 oct (part 2)

In Beirut, radiokvm’s LP “ISSRAR” can be purchased at Onomatopoeia (Sioufi) and Chico Video (Hamra)

Otherwise, you can find it on Cargo, Amazon, and iTunes

[Photos of the radio session, with Sary Moussa and sound engineer / co-producer Fadi Tabbal]

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Sunday 12 October 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

1. Mavis Staples
2. Fiona Apple
3. Neneh Cherry
4. Nadine Khoury
5. Juana Molina
6. Feist
7. Angus & Julia Stone

> Listen to Part 1: decalages 12 oct (part 1)

8. Grizzly Bear
9. Bonnie Prince Billy
10. Bonnie Prince Billy
11. Washington Phillips
12. Mazzy Star
13. Elliott Smith
14. Syd Matters
15. Hamilton Leithauser

> Listen to Part 2: decalages 12 oct (part 2)

16. Bill Callahan
17. Patrick Watson
18. Half Moon Run
19. Wild Beasts
20. Elbow
21. Yann Tiersen
22. Cocoon
23. Etienne Daho & Dominique A

> Listen to Part 3: decalages 12 oct (part 3)

24. The Antlers
25. Colin Stetson & Bon Iver
26. Damon Albarn
27. Kate Bush
28. Youmna Saba
29. Youmna Saba

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The record of the day:


Ruptured presents:

A launch concert for Lebanese electronic artist RADIOKVM‘s first release ISSRAR

Featuring live music by radiokvm & live video by Rami el Sabbagh

[ISSRAR is the first vinyl release from Ruptured. It will be available in a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered LP’s with gourmet jacket]


Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, SARY MOUSSA aka RADIOKVM is a self-taught electronic musician. Constantly busy absorbing, analyzing and trying to reproduce in his own manner the ambient sounds surrounding him, he started taking music lessons as a kid, but soon found out that experimentation, e-learning, reading and trial and error processes were a lot more efficient and interesting. He was into making electronic music, and no one around him knew what a synth, a filter or a drum machine were!

Moussa grew up listening to rock and jazz, before delving headlong into electronica. He started crafting his own melodies under the moniker radiokvm in 2008. He collaborated closely with Lebanese producer Okydoky, organizing live gigs and releasing a batch of demos; the two men became notorious on the live circuit of Beirut’s electronic scene. In later years, Moussa collaborated with Lebanese electronic producers Munma, Jad Atoui, and Liliane Chlela, releasing both remixes and original compositions for label compilations; he has also composed music for theatre and dance performances (Ali Chahrour’s ‘Fatmeh’), as well as soundtracks for short films.


Born in Beirut in 1979, Rami el Sabbagh is a Lebanese video maker. He graduated from the Institute of Scenic and Audio-Visual Studies (IESAV), Saint Joseph University in Beirut in 2004. His videos include ‘C’est de ta faute, quelque part’ (It’s Somewhat Your Fault, 2003), ‘2mg of Rotten Blood on Pure White Snow’, and ‘The Last Hero’ (2012). He is also a VJ since 2005 and a DJ since 2006.


[In collaboration with Tunefork, Beirut Art Center, Beirut Jam Sessions and Al-Akhbar]


Sunday 28 September 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

1. Youmna Saba
2. Youmna Saba
3. Nadine Khoury
4. Yasmine Hamdan
5. Rima Khcheich
6. Alela Diane
7. Angus & Julia Stone
8. Cocoon

> Listen to Part 1: decalages 28 sept (part 1)

9. Half Moon Run
10. Bill Callahan
11. Damien Jurado
12. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
13. Patrick Watson
14. Fleet Foxes
15. Andrew Bird
16. Grizzly Bear

> Listen to Part 2: decalages 28 sept (part 2)

17. Dominique A
18. Etienne Daho & Dominique A
19. Daniel Darc
20. David Bowie
21. Wild Beasts
22. Phoenix
23. John Grant
24. Saltland

> Listen to Part 3: decalages 28 sept (part 3)

25. Neneh Cherry
26. Youmna Saba
27. Rodolphe Burger & Youmna Saba
28. Feist
29. Elliott Smith

> Listen to Part 4: decalages 28 sept (part 4)


The record of the day:


A radio show dedicated to the 4th edition of the Wickerpark Festival in Batroun, Lebanon, and featuring tracks by:

Charlie Rayne, Flum Project, How Sad, Mashrou’ Leila, Scrambled Eggs, Youmna Saba, and Z The People & Al Jihaz

> Listen to Part 1ruptures wicker park 29 august (part 1)

> Listen to Part 2ruptures wicker park 29 august (part 2)


Lebanese DJ, producer, turntablist and label owner Ceasar K was the guest of Ruptures for the second time, for an interview covering the production output of his label VL Records.

Listen to Part 1: ruptures ceasar k 11 august (part 1)
[Moe Turk / vChille / Audible Astronaut / Escape To Venus]

Listen to Part 2: ruptures ceasar k 11 august (part 2)
[Trash Inc / Funk Sinatra / Moe Turk / Cheh & Fady Aswad / Trash Inc / Escape To Venus]

For more info on Ceasar K:

Syrian electronic musician  and producer Samer Saem Eldahr, aka Hello Psychaleppo, was the guest of Ruptures, for an interview covering various aspects of his production work, as well as the release of his third album, Ha!. He was accompanied by the album’s producer, Raed el-Khazen.

Listen to Part 1: ruptures psychaleppo 28 july (part 1)
[Hello Psychaleppo / Hello Psychaleppo]

Listen to Part 2: ruptures psychaleppo 28 july (part 2)
[Mohammed Ghazi / Abdelhalim Hafez / Thom Yorke / Luke Vibert / Hello Psychaleppo]

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