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Wire, Live in Paris (La Maroquinerie, 27/09/08)

This proved to be a historic week, on my own, personal, musical level. I had been a fan of British proto-punk Wire since acquiring a Best of their early years, ‘On Returning’, somewhere in the early 90’s, from the dusty shelves of the first music store where I worked, Caramel Market.

Wire have reformed 4 years ago, and I’ve been trying to watch them ever since. They played on September 27, 2008, in a tiny French club called La Maroquinerie, and the gig lived up to my expectations, and more. I had already seen qui te a few wonderful shows at La Maroquinerie, including American Music Club, The Beta Band, and !!! (a fabulous, unfettered celebration, that one…), but none of these really matched the intensity of Wire that night.

They were in high form, playing their new and older songs at an alarming, nervous pace, with barely any interruption from one track to the other. Energetic stop-start drumming, angular, spiky guitar lines, and roaring bass playing… The three men and accompanying lady on stage pulled all the stops, and brilliantly, too…

The years seem to have weighed very little on Colin Newman & co, seeing that the concert lasted quite a while… Highlights were evidently tracks from their early, late 70’s albums, the famous trilogy of ‘Chairs Missing’, ‘Pink Flag’, and ‘154’, but excerpts from the band’s recent outing, “Object 47′, fared quite well too. Raucous stuff, indeed!

[Photo by Ziad Nawfal]

Wire, 27/09/08

Wire, 27/09/08


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