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On the surface of things, and upon repeated listens, this record sounds like the product of four musicians entirely in tune with each other’s possibilities and musical scope(s). What makes this venture supremely interesting, paradoxically, is that this statement is not exactly true. The four musical minds at work on this, the XEFM’s first recorded output, come from vastly differing musical backgrounds, and manage to achieve unprecedented harmony on this outstanding record.

The quartet of Charbel Haber on electric guitars and voice treatments, Tony Elieh on bass (both hailing from punk band Scrambled Eggs), Fadi Tabbal on guitars and percussion (from Tunefork Recording Studios), and Abdallah Ko on electronics (the loose cannon in this wild bunch), creates an intriguing, foggy tapestry of sounds, spreading over six tracks, and hovering between ambient electronica, folksy rock, and outlandish noise.


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