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Ruptured had the privilege of hosting exceptional British musician Nadine Shah in Beirut, for two live events:
A radio session on Radio Liban 96.2 FM on Friday 11/05,
A concert at Onomatopoeia The Music Hub on Saturday 12/05, featuring guests James Brown from British band Pulled Part by Horses and Lebanese singer-songwriter Youmna Saba

Listen to the radio show:

[Live sound by Fadi Tabbal]


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johnpeelRuptures ‘John Peel Tribute’ (6 & 13 December 2004)

This one takes us quite a few years back … Some days after the untimely passing of renowned BBC Dj/musical mastermind John Peel, my friend Roger Rahal and myself joined forces to put together and co-host a series of radio programs dedicated to the great man, a personal icon and reference of ours (and to many countless others, I’m sure).

Included in the track listing of these shows were some of the bands and artists Peely discovered, with interpretations of tracks taken from his infamous ‘Peel Sessions’, recorded in the BBC Studios in Maida Vale, London.

Our personal way of thanking the great man for years upon years of fantastic musical discoveries!





Track listing (December 6): Faust / Can / Neu! / The Damned / Buzzcocks / Slits / Stranglers / Wire / Siouxsie & the Banshees / The Cure / Gang of Four / Undertones / The Ruts / Stiff Little Fingers / Joy Division / Au Pairs

Track listing (December 13): Au Pairs (complete!) / Echo & the Bunnymen / New Order / The Fall / Birthday Party (feat. Nick Cave) / Associates / Redskins / The Smiths / Go-Betweens / Jesus & Mary Chain / That Petrol Emotion / Half Man Half Biscuit / Wedding Present / Clan of Xymox / The Fall / House of Love / Inspiral Carpets / Loop

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