Ruptures Radio Show // Zündfunk Edition // Aug 2006

Ruptures ‘Zündfunk Edition’, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (August 2006)

It took me some time to post this radio program, but the thing is, well… I lost it. Blame it on the time I had recorded it, and the circumstances surrounding that time, but I simply forgot to label it, and it was buried amidst a compact mass of similarly non-labelled CD’s. Hell, I tell you… But in any case, now it’s here, in its full and pristine form….

In May 2006, German radio Zündfunk contacted me to produce a radio program, approximately 80 minutes long. Zündfunk is the “young” radio show of Bayerischer Rundfunk, which is the Southern branch of German Public Radio (i.e. something like the German version of the BBC).

The show, due for broadcast in the summer of 2006, was meant to be a music program, i.e. a radio DJ mix hosted in English by myself, presenting information on bands, DJs or projects relevant to the underground musical scene of Lebanon, as covered by Radio Lebanon.

When the war with Israel started raging in the summer of 2006, at the time when the program was meant to be sent to my German correspondents, it (the show, and the music contained therein) took on a whole new meaning and dimension, evidently, and became a real labour of love for me. This was my homage and tribute to the young musicians whose music kept me going during these dark days.

Sending the CD’s to Europe was an accomplishment in itself, one I must thank Serge Abiaad for… Cheers to him, as well as all the bands and artists featured in these 80 minutes.


Track listing:
White Trash Bubblegum
The New Government
Soft Panic
April Ash
Scrambled Eggs
La Chambre
Scrambled Eggs
Rima Kcheich
Nadine Khouri
Ziad Saad
The New Government
Kita’a Beirut

Ruptures Radio Show // JOHN PEEL Tribute // 2004

Ruptures ‘John Peel Tribute’ (6+13 December 2004)

Some days after the untimely passing of renowned BBC Dj and musical mastermind John Peel, my friend and colleague Roger Rahal and myself joined forces to put together and co-host a series of radio programs dedicated to the great man, a personal icon and reference of ours (and to countless others, I’m sure).

Included in the track listing of these shows were some of the bands and artists Peely discovered, with interpretations of tracks taken from his infamous ‘Peel Sessions’, recorded in the BBC Studios in Maida Vale, London. Our personal way of thanking the great man for years and years of fantastic musical discoveries!

Track listing (December 6):
The Damned
Siouxsie & The Banshees
The Cure
Gang Of Four
The Ruts
Stiff Little Fingers
Joy Division
Au Pairs

ruptures-john-peel-tribute-6-dec04-part-1 + ruptures-john-peel-tribute-6-dec04-part-2

Track listing (December 13):
Au Pairs
Echo & The Bunnymen
New Order
The Fall
Birthday Party
The Smiths
Jesus & Mary Chain
That Petrol Emotion
Half Man Half Biscuit
Wedding Present
Clan Of Xymox
The Fall
House Of Love
Inspiral Carpets

ruptures-john-peel-tribute-13-dec04-part-1 + ruptures-john-peel-tribute-13-dec04-part-2


BLEND // Interview // 19 Jan 2004

As their first album release, ‘Act One’ (EMI Records) hit the stores in December 2003, Lebanese rock band BLEND were invited to the studios of Radio Lebanon 96.2FM to discuss their musical itinerary, the making of the album, and the difficulties of making it solely as a musician in Lebanon’s unforgiving, commercial-oriented music business. The various members of the band who were present in the studio that evening (singer Jad Souaid, guitarist Miran Gurunian, drummer Jad Aouad, and producer/manager Philippe Tohme), also presented a selection of some of their musical favorites.

ruptures-blend-19-jan04-part-1 + ruptures-blend-19-jan04-part-2

Track listing:
Blend *2
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
Blend *2
The Tea Party
Blend *2