SHARIF SEHNAOUI // 1st Ruptured Session // 19 Oct 2009

Le guitariste-improvisateur libanais Sharif Sehnaoui, fondateur et organisateur du Festival de musique expérimentale Irtijal, producteur du label Al-Maslakh, en interview et mini-concert sur les ondes de Radio Liban 96.2FM, dans le cadre de Ruptures.

Sharif 1 + Sharif 2

Track listing:
Sharif Sehnaoui LIVE
Aaly Trio feat. Ken Vandermark
Scrambled Eggs feat. Joseph Ghosn & Abdallah Ko
Sharif Sehnaoui LIVE

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MASHROU’ LEILA // Ruptured Session // 12 Oct 2009

This band needs very little in the way of introduction…. Recent winners of the 96.2FM music prize, fresh from a string of concerts in the south of Lebanon, truly outstanding neo-rockers Mashrou’ Leila graced the studios of Radio Lebanon with an impromptu interview/mini-concert. Present in the studio were violin player Haig Papazian, guitarist Andre Chedid (playing acoustic), drummer Carl Gerges (on djembe), guitarist Firas Abou Fakher (on tambourine), vocalist Hamed Sinno… and of course indispensable sound engineer Fadi Tabbal.

Mashrou3 1 + Mashrou3 2

Track listing:
Mashrou’ Leila
Arctic Monkeys
Pink Martini
Mashrou’ Leila LIVE
Erik Truffaz
Mashrou’ Leila LIVE
Sarya el Sawass
El Gits Band
Mashrou’ Leila LIVE

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CHRISTELLE FRANCA // Interview // 5 Oct 2009

CHRISTELLE FRANCA, DJ; conceptrice sonore; créatrice de l’ONG DON’T BORDER ME, en interview sur les ondes de Radio Liban… L’ONG DON’T BORDER ME développe des projets culturels transnationaux, ainsi que des projets de collaboration entre différentes villes de la Méditerranée et du Québec.

C. Franca 1 + C. Franca 2

SLUTTERHOUSE // Ruptured Session // 14 Sept 2009

Trois jours après la sortie officielle de son premier album, “Made in Dance”, le groupe d’electro-pop libanais SLUTTERHOUSE en performance live et en interview sur Ruptures, Radio Liban 96.2FM.

Slutterhouse 1 + Slutterhouse 2

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TAREK ATOUI // 1st Ruptured Session // 7 Sept 2009

Le musicien d’électro-acoustique libanais Tarek Atoui, en interview et en performance live dans les studios de Radio Liban.

Tarek Atoui 1 + Tarek Atoui 2

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Tarek 1










MAYALINE HAGE // Interview // 31 Aug 2009

Mayaline Hage, chanteuse du groupe d’electro-rock libanais Lumi, en interview sur les ondes de Radio Liban 96.2FM.

Mayaline 1
+ Mayaline 2

Track listing:
Mylène Farmer
Sonic Youth
Léo Ferré
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Ruptured Sessions Volume 1  

“The Ruptured Sessions” is a series of live recordings that take place in the studios of Radio Lebanon 96.2FM, during Ziad Nawfal’s weekly Ruptures program. These recordings focus on musicians from Lebanon’s alternative music scenes (alternative folk & rock, electronica, improvisation, etc.), as well as visiting foreign musicians.

Ziad Nawfal’s eclectic music tastes and his deep knowledge of a wide array of musical genres have made him one of the best DJ’s in town for over 2 decades now, and his name has been tied to the most mythical underground places of post-war Beirut. His radio programs on Beirut’s governmental radio station, Radio Liban, are also a reference for a whole generation of young alternative music lovers. These shows, as well as numerous other professional activities related to music — from working in Beirut’s sole alternative record store, La CD-Theque, to writing reviews for all new releases of Beirut Incognito’s collection, as well as for local and foreign magazines, have led to his extensive involvement with the local music scene. He often acts as a manager, producer, or event organizer for alternative rock, experimental and electronic music artists and bands from the Lebanese scene.

Following in the footsteps of one of his mentors, the BBC’s famed radio host John Peel, Ziad Nawfal presents ‘The Ruptured Sessions, volume 1’: the first CD to be recorded live in the studios of Radio Lebanon, during his ‘Ruptures’ show. The sessions were recorded in the studios of Radio Lebanon over a period of eight months, between June 2008 and February 2009. There was initially no actual intent for the sessions to be released onto CD format, which explains the lo-fi quality of some of the final tracks. Artists came to the studio to present some of their favorite musical selections, with an emphasis on their own artistic output, and were eventually invited to grab their guitar and perform a number of songs, live on the spot.

The best tracks from these impromptu sessions were then carefully selected, mixed and mastered by Tunefork Studio’s (one of Beirut’s most prestigious recording studios, for alternative-minded musicians) master-of-ceremony Fadi Tabbal, in collaboration with Ziad Nawfal. The resulting CD features exclusive music by Nadine Khouri, Charbel Haber (the lead singer from punk-rock band Scrambled Eggs, caught in rare acoustic flight), Youmna Saba, Cristobal (aka Christophe Katrib), and The Incompetents.

(Karma Tohmé)

YASMINE HAMDAN // Interview #1 // 10 Aug 2009

Yasmine Hamdan, ex-chanteuse du duo de trip hop libanais Soapkills, présente YAS, son nouveau projet d’electro-pop arabisante avec le producteur franco-afghan Mirwais, parle à profusion de ses années de formation avec les groupes Lombrix et Soapkills, de son récent exil à Paris, et partage avec l’audience de Radio Liban ses choix musicaux.

Track listing:
Om Kolsoum
Leila Mourad
Najat el Saghira
Leonard Cohen
Vanilla Fudge
Grace Slick

PHILIPPE AZOURY // Interview // 7 Aug 2009

Le journaliste Philippe Azoury en interview dans Ruptures, sur Radio Liban 96.2FM.

Track listing:
Electric Light Orchestra
Stu Mitchell
Tame Impala
Eden Ahbez
Nick Garrie
Cairo Gang
Bendaly Family
The Laughing Light Of Plenty
Boards Of Canada
Phenomenal Handclap Band
It’s A Fine Line

RAED YASSIN // Interview // 3 Aug 2009

Le musicien Raed Yassin presente ‘The New Album’, la première sortie de son label Annihaya.

Track listing:
Raed Yassin
Omar Souleyman
Mark Porest
Sun City Girls