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Ziad Nawfal started playing records in Beirut’s government radio station, Radio Liban, in 1992. Early on, his eclectic music programming took in such different genres as indie rock, alternative pop, 60’s and 70’s psychedelia, dance music and electronica, with little care for political correctness or ‘proper’ merging of styles. Nawfal’s thirst for sharing musical oddities and discoveries saw him branch out from the confines of radio waves, and he started deejaying in the late 1990’s in local Beirut bars, restaurants and clubs, as well as large-scale musical events.

In addition to his regular duties as DJ and radio host, Nawfal worked for a number of years in Beirut’s top-notch alternative record store, La CD-Thèque, and its sister label Incognito. Nawfal’s post as music buyer allowed him to introduce the Lebanese public to a constellation of underground, revered leftfield artists, and to come in contact with various musicians from Beirut’s alternative music scene. In 2006, Nawfal started working in music production and management, producing albums for Lebanese rock trio Scrambled Eggs and electronica outfit, Munma, as well as concerts for both bands, locally and abroad. Between 2007 and 2010, Nawfal produced three more albums for Munma.

In 2008, in collaboration with sound engineer and music producer Fadi Tabbal from Tunefork Studios, Nawfal started hosting “live” shows on Radio Liban, which featured interviews and live performances by local Lebanese bands and performers, encompassing such various genres as folk, rock, electronic, noise, and freeform experimentation. These “Ruptured” sessions were subsequently edited and compiled onto CD form, with the first volume being released in April 2009.

In 2009, Nawfal launched a series of live events in various venues in Beirut, including famed Lebanese club The Basement and art-house cinema Metropolis; first among these events were two cine-concerts by Lebanese experimental band XEFM, set to Russian art-house film ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ and early German animation feature ‘The Adventures of Prince Achmed’. These were followed by successful concerts by several Lebanese groups, including funk/hip hop collective Fareeq el Atrash, dubstep duo Index/Left, and rock bands Scrambled Eggs and The Incompetents.

In March 2010, in collaboration with photographer Tanya Traboulsi and co-editor Ghalya Saadawi, Nawfal published a book documenting Beirut’s alternative music scene, entitled ‘Untitled Tracks: On Alternative Music in Beirut’ (Amers Editions).

In 2019, the Ruptured label still releases music on a regular basis, with a strong focus on Lebanese alternative artists.

7 thoughts on “Bio & Contact

  1. Hi, RUPTURED!

    This is Kunichiro Bueno, Japanese
    artist of the experimental music.

    I’d like to go to Lebanon from September 18th to September 30th.  If you have some evens of Ruptured, can I also give shows there?

    My artist information is as follows,

    My artist name is “BY HARUO” and I began to give shows in Osaka from 2006. From last November 7th I have been traveling for all over the world.

    I went to Colombia, Peru,
    Bolivia, Argentina ,Chile, Brasil, Venezuela, Spain and France to give shows.

    The video of the shows is

    In Chile 2012

    In Argentina 2011

    In Brasil 2012

    I await your message.

    Kunichiro Bueno

    email address

    Best Regards,

    Kunihiro Bueno

  2. Dear Ruptured Records,

    Lebanese band looking for your help how can someone contact you . The contact form doesnt work..

    Awaiting your reply

  3. Hallo,
    i still did not received the cd Calamita: Compact Disc, by Calamita [Sharif Sehnaoui, Tony Elieh & Davide Zolli] .
    Groetjes, andy

    1. Hello dear Andy!
      I am sorry about that, the Lebanese mailing system can be a bit treacherous sometimes. I’ll resend you another copy this coming weekend!

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