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Lebanese rock quartet KINEMATIK (Mme Chandelier, Rudy Ghafari, Roy Khazen and Akram Hajj) were the guests of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2 FM, for an interview revolving around the making and production of their first album ALA’ for indie label Ruptured.

The interview was accompanied by several live studio performances of tracks from ALA’. Live sound by Fadi Tabbal.

Listen to the show: ruptures knmtk 6 mars


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Lebanese indie musician Salim Naffah aka ALKO B was the guest of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2 FM, for an interview revolving around the making and production of his first album “Sex Tapes”.

Alko also performed several songs from the album in the studio, accompanied by Camille Cabbabé (from Filter Happier) on guitar. Live sound by Fadi Tabbal.

Listen to the full show: ruptures alko 2


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Sunday 1st January 2017, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

The best way to start the year, undoubtedly, with a selection of tunes made entirely from Lebanese, Palestinian and Egyptian artists and bands:

1. Safar: No service
2. Alko: Charlie / And out
3. Nadine Khouri: A song to the city
4. Ramly: The cold
5. Aya Metwalli: Triangle
6. Bachar Mar-Khalife: Ya nas
7. Maii & Zeid: Hassafer baeed
8. Zeid & The Wings: Cowards
9. Wake Island: Milad majik
10. Gurumiran: Dreamer
11. Filter Happier: Dust
12. Fadi Tabbal: A glass tower
13. Youmna Saba: Khyout / Sadeeq
14. Youmna Saba: Al hitan
15. Postcards: Porto
16. Charlie Rayne: Madeleines
17. Serge Yared: 2HJ
18. The Incompetents: Closing time
19. Heroes & Villains: Out of credit
20. Etyen: Lo siento
21. Kid Fourteen: Find your lover
22. Mashrou’ Leila: Wa nueid
23. Sandmoon: Time has yet to come
24. White Trees: Natural symphony of sounds and colors
25. Safar: Wa namchi
26. Interbellum: Double back
27. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh: Hob
28. Maryam Saleh: Walaa soda
29. Mme Chandelier: Minimal potato
30. El Rass & Munma: Kashghara

Listen here: decalages dimanche 1er janvier

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Saturday 31 December 2016, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Alko: Her heart gets to stay (lb)
2. Interbellum: Somersaults (lb)
3. Who Killed Bruce Lee: Enemy at the line (lb)
4. Scrambled Eggs: Building a nest (lb)
5. Bunny Tylers: Mothers make murderers (lb)
6. Fadi Tabbal: How’s Annie [Edit] (lb)
7. Munma: Muse (lb)
8. Mme Chandelier: Minimal potato (lb)
9. Kinematik: Aawaynat nazar (lb)
10. Kid Fourteen: I get around all day (lb)
11. Jad Atoui: Tension (lb)
12. Zuli: Robotic jabs in 4D (eg)
13. Aya Metwalli: Manyaka (eg)
14. El Rass: El akh men weyn? (lb)

Listen to the show: ruptures samedi 31 decembre


The record of the evening

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Rayan Sayegh & Michel Maouad from Lebanese rock band WonderGaap were the guests of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2 FM, for an interview revolving around the making and production of their first album “Soda On The Roof”.

Listen to the full show: ruptures wondergaap 25 novembre




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Sunday 13 November 2016, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

1. The Special AKA
2. Niney The Observer
3. Jammit (lb)
4. Hiba Mansouri & Zeid Hamdan (sy/lb)
5. Yasmine Hamdan (lb)
6. Soapkills (lb)
7. Munma (lb)
8. Nicolas Jaar
9. Etyen (lb)
10. Kid Fourteen (lb)
11. Gurumiran (lb)
12. David Bowie
13. Tindersticks
14. M. Ward
15. Warren Zevon
16. Get Well Soon
17. Radiohead
18. Troy Von Balthazar
19. Kevin Morby
20. Matt Elliott
21. John Martyn (Portishead cover)
22. Portishead (ABBA cover)
23. Patti Smith (Prince cover)
24. Filter Happier (lb)
25. Ought

Listen here: decalages dimanche 13 novembre

The record of the morning


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Lebanese singer and musician Sandra Arslanian aka Sandmoon was the guest of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2 FM, for an interview revolving around the making and production of her 3 albums, “Raw”, “Home”, and “In The End”.

Listen to the full show: ruptures sandmoon lundi 26 septembre



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Sunday 11 September 2016, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

1. Steve Gunn
2. Mike Cooper
3. Bob Dylan
4. The Byrds (Bob Dylan cover)
5. Ben Watt (Bob Dylan cover)
6. Ramly (lb)
7. Sandmoon (lb)
8. The Antlers
9. Asaf Avidan
10. Bachar Mar-Khalifé (lb)
11. White Trees (lb)
12. Piers Faccini
13. Low
14. Filter Happier (lb)
15. Wild Beasts
16. Postcards (lb)
17. Electrelane
18. Safar (lb)
19. Jim O’Rourke
20. Alain Bashung
21. Gérard Manset
22. Noir Désir
23. Mashrou’ Leila (lb)
24. Yasmine Hamdan (lb)
25. Soapkills (lb)
26. Tindersticks

Listen here: decalages dimanche 11 sept

The record of the morning:


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A radio show entirely devoted to the 6th edition of the Wickerpark Festival, taking place on September 10th, 2016, in Batroun, North Lebanon.
Featuring some exclusive material from the bands playing in the festival, as well as a special live performance from Loopstache!

1. Wanton Bishops ‘Waslaha’
2. Kid Fourteen ‘It’s a lovely night’
3. Loopstache ‘Time with you is not wasted’ – Ruptures exclusive –
4. Interbellum ‘Brian Wilson’
5. Filter Happier ‘Home’
6. Etyen ‘Lo siento’
7. Loopstache ‘All I need is you’ – LIVE –
8. Safar ‘It’s you’ – Ruptures exclusive –
9. Kid Fourteen ‘The dancer’
10. Lumi ‘Talk to you’ – Ruptures exclusive –
11. Etyen ‘Sawa’
12. Interbellum ‘Wrinkles’
13. Wanton Bishops ‘Sun rising’
14. Safar ‘Wa namchi’
15. Filter Happier ‘Glow’

> Listen to the showruptures wickerpark 5 sept




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Friday 12 August 2016, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Alif: I’tiraf (iq/eg/ps/lb)
2. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh: Takhabot (ps)
3. Karkhana: Nafas (lb/ca/eg/us/tr)
4. Shalabi Effect: Beauty Queen Crime Scene (ca)
5. Malayeen: Najwa (lb)
6. ‘A’ Trio & Alan Bishop: Gently Johnny (us/lb)
7. Dwarfs of East Agouza: Hungry Bears Don’t Dance (us/ca/eg)
8. Nadim Mishlawi: Dream 5 (lb)
9. Kid Fourteen: It’s A Lovely Night (lb)
10. Heroes and Villains: Before The Film (lb/ca)
11. Wake Island: Bend Again (lb/ca)
12. Seamus Cater: Smoking And Smiling (uk)
13. Scrambled Eggs: Building A Nest (lb)

Listen to the show: ruptures vendredi 12 aout


The record of the evening


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