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Saturday 23 December 2017, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

1. Alko B ‘Coffee & cigarettes’
2. Blue Okais ‘Blue comme moi’
3. Blue Okais ‘Let’s take the ride’
4. Gurumiran ‘Man who sold eldunya’
5. Gurumiran ‘Hingala’
6. Loopstache ‘Flame Fall (feat. Blu Fiefer)’
7. Loopstache ‘Stomp (feat. Peter Chouchani)’
8. Who Killed Bruce Lee ‘Jungle’
9. Adonis ‘Yeb’a enna’
10. The Bunny Tylers ‘I’ll make it up to you’
11. The Bunny Tylers ‘A sunset is another sunrise’
12. – Wake Island – ‘The other end’
13. – Wake Island – ‘Milad majik”
14. ETYEN ‘Sawa’
15. Kinematik ‘Aawaynat nazar’

Listen to the show: Ruptures 23.12


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Egyptian musician Youssef Abouzeid aka PanSTARRS was the guest of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2 FM, for an interview revolving around his performance at Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival (December 7-10, 2017) and concert at Dawawine the following week.

Listen here: Ruptures with Panstarrs

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Monday 27th November 2017, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm)

Lebanese electro-pop band GIZZMO were the guests of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2FM, for an interview about the release of their first EP “System Failure”.

Listen to the full show: ruptures w/ Gizzmo

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A radio show entirely devoted to the 7th edition of the Wickerpark Festival, taking place on September 9th, 2017, in Batroun, North Lebanon.

1. The Bunny Tylers: Mothers make murderers
2. The Bunny Tylers: I’ll make it up to you
3. Who Killed Bruce Lee: Enemy at the line
4. Who Killed Bruce Lee: Mastercraft
5. Kinematik: kelmeh oula
6. Hello Psychaleppo: Tarab dub
7. Al Rajul al Hadidi & Chyno: Zam zam
8. Al Rajul al Hadidi & Chyno: Shimmy shimmy ya
9. Hello Psychaleppo: Beirut
10. Kinematik: hhx (live at Tunefork)
11. Alko B: Charlie / and out
12. Alko B: Her heart gets to stay
13. The Bunny Tylers: It seems it all disappears

> Listen to the showruptures wickerpark 4 septembre


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It took us a while to edit and post this one, and apologies for that, but here it is at last:

Lebanese rock quartet KINEMATIK (Mme Chandelier, Rudy Ghafari, Roy Khazen and Akram Hajj) were the guests of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2 FM, for an interview revolving around the making and production of their first album ALA’ for indie label Ruptured.

The interview was accompanied by several live studio performances. Live sound by Fadi Tabbal.

Listen to the show: ruptures knmtk 6 mars


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Writer Rayya Badran was the guest of Ruptures on Radio Liban 96.2FM to present a selection of new releases and recent musical favorites.

Listen to the full show: ruptures rayya badran 2

Track list: Carla del Forno / Flaming Lips / Yves Tumor / ADR / Bonnie Banane / Pumpkin & Vin’S da Cuero / Babyfather / Copeland (Feat. Actress) / Micachu & The Shapes / Thavius Beck / Darkstar / Laurel Halo (Actress Mix)


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Sunday 8th January 2017, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm)

1. Rima Khcheich [lb]
2. Safar [lb]
3. Agnes Obel
4. Her
5. David Bowie
6. Talking Heads
7. Christophe (feat. Alan Vega)
8. Lescop
9. Hamilton Leithauser
10. Alko B [lb]
11. Julien Doré
12. Cyril Mokaiesh
13. Frank Ocean
14. Kendrick Lamar
15. Yuksek
16. Solange
17. Emily Loizeau
18. Kristin Hersh
19. Benjamin Biolay
20. Lambchop
21. Aliocha Schneider
22. Last Shadow Puppets
23. Piers Faccini
24. Leonard Cohen
25. Jupiter (feat. Warren Ellis)
26. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
27. Cass Mccombs
28. Bon Iver
29. Alko B [lb]

Listen here: decalages 8 janvier


The record of the morning

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