Ruptures Radio Show // 01 April 2020

Featuring musicians from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Sweden, France & the USA:

1. Kid Fourteen – Drifter [2020]
2. Mutamassik – Rhythms Rattle On Death Pawns [2015]
3. Muqata’a – Ma Lam Yuqal [2018]
4. Sary Moussa – In Praise Of Shadows [2020]
5. Brothers Of Heliopolis – Inner Source [2019]
6. The Submarine Chronicles – Gin Ripples [2020]
7. Kinematik – Murur Al-Kiram [2020]
8. Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra – Bedo’s Lullaby [2015]
9. Aya Metwalli – Ya Qarawan [2019] PREMIERE
10. Marc Codsi – Encounters II [2019]
11. Youmna Saba – Nafas [2018]
12. Fadi Tabbal – The Death Of Strangers [2018]
13. Subchamber Ensmble – Skate Park Fauna [2019]
14. Rise 1969 – Autonomic Neuropathy [2019]
15. Ziad Moukarzel – Questions Of Worry [2018]

Ruptures Radio Show // 23 March 2020

Live broadcast from “Ruptures” [Radio Lebanon 96.2FM] with song-by-song audio commentary:

1. Michel Legrand – Round Midnight [1968]
2. Joao Gilberto – Falsa Baiana [1973]
3. Daniel Johnston – Walking the Cow [1983]
4. 13th Floor Elevators w. Roky Erickson – Reverberation [1966]
5. Cream w. Ginger Baker – Tales of Brave Ulysses [1967]
6. Dr. John – Revolution [2012]
7. Patti Smith w. Ivan Kral – Redondo Beach [1975]
8. Rain Parade w. Dave Roback – Talking in my Sleep [1983]
9. Mazzy Star w. Dave Roback – Lay Myself Down [2013]
10. Purple Mountains w. David Berman – Darkness and Cold [2019]
11. Scott Walker – Dealer [1984]
12. This Mortal Coil w. Richenel – I Must Have Been Blind [1986]
13. Mark Hollis – The Gift [1998]
14. Throbbing Gristle – 20 Jazz Funk Greats [1979]
15. Gang of Four – Paralysed [2005]
16. Andrew Weatherall – Kicking the River [2016]

Ruptures Radio Show // 13 March 2020

Live broadcast from “Ruptures” [Radio Lebanon 96.2FM] featuring musicians from Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Canada & the USA:

1. Kinematik – Murur al-kiram [LB, 2020]
2. Kozo – Project Japan [LB, 2019]
3. Jad Atoui & Jawad Nawfal – Vice versa [LB, 2020]
4. Elyse Tabet & Jawad Nawfal – Club of the landless [LB, 2019]
5. Kinematik – Al-qulub al-mughallafa bet-turab la tankaser [LB, 2020]
6. Postcards – Dead end [LB, 2020]
7. Dwarfs of East Agouza – The green dogs of Dahshur [EG/CA/USA, 2020] PREMIERE
8. Karkhana – Rock farock [LB/EG/TR/CA/USA, 2020] PREMIERE
9. Kinematik – … w kaza [LB, 2020]
10. Gizzmo – Debug [LB, 2017]
11. Deena Abdelwahed – Zardet sidi bagra [TN, 2020]
12. Kid Fourteen – Nobody came, nobody wants to [LB, 2020]
13. PanSTARRS – Blur [EG, 2019]

Press // Kinematik // The Wire Tapper #52

Lebanese post-rock quartet KINEMATIK released its gorgeous second album “Murur Al-Kiram” in February 2020, with Beirut-based label Ruptured and Portland-based label Beacon Sound. A track from this album is featured in The Wire Tapper #52, a promotional CD given away with the April 2020 issue of leading UK magazine The Wire.

This CD has been compiled by Shane Woolman, Astrud Steehouder and James Gormley and is packaged in a heavy duty card sleeve designed by The Wire’s art director Ben Weaver, and featuring artwork by Brian Lucas.  It contains a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground and outsider musics covered in The Wire.











Ruptures Radio Show // A Tribute to Andrew Weatherall [24 February 2020]

Live broadcast from “Ruptures” [Radio Lebanon 96.2FM] with song-by-song audio commentary, in tribute to the late producer & DJ Andrew Weatherall:

1. Andrew Weatherall – Fail we may, sail we must [2009]
2. Andrew Weatherall – We count the stars [2016]
3. Two Lone Swordsmen – Feast dub [2004]
4. Fuck Buttons – Sweet love for Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Remix) [2008]
5. Wooden Shjips – Crossing (Andrew Weatherall Mix) [2012]
6. Grinderman – Heathen child (Andrew Weatherall Mix) [2013]
7. Daniel Avery – Movement (Andrew Weatherall Remix) [2012]
8. Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix) [2004]
9. Saint Etienne – Only love can break your heart (Andrew Weatherall Remix) [1990]
10. Primal Scream – Loaded [1990]

Ruptures Radio Show // A Tribute to Andy Gill & Gang of Four [10 February 2020]

Live broadcast from “Ruptures” [Radio Lebanon 96.2FM] with song-by-song audio commentary, in tribute to the late Andy Gill, frontman of punk rock legends Gang of Four:

1. Ether [1979]
2. Damaged goods [1979]
3. At home he’s a tourist [1979]
4. It’s her factory [1979]
5. I found the essence rare [Peel Session, 1979]
6. Paralysed [1981]
7. To hell with poverty [1982]
8. I love a man in a uniform [1982]
9. Is it love [1983]
10. Soul Rebel [Bob Marley cover, 1991]
11. Sleepwalker [1995]
12. He’d send in the army [Melvins Dub Remix, 2005]
13. A fruitfly in the beehive [2011]
14. England’s in my bones [feat. Alison Mosshart, 2015]
15. White lies [2019]

Ruptured Album Release // KINEMATIK // Murur Al-Kiram

Kinematik – Murur Al-Kiram
LP & Digital Release by Ruptured / Beacon Sound, 28 February 2020

“Murur Al-Kiram”, the new album by Lebanese post-rock ensemble Kinematik, uses electronics, intricate double-drumming, guitar and bass to construct ambient soundscapes and hypnotic, propulsive rhythms – conjuring the ghosts of a diminishing future, as well as an unresolved past. Subtle in both angst and joy, “Murur Al-Kiram” celebrates small victories in the face of great defeats.

Recorded by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios, Beirut, with assistance from Marwan Tohme.
Photography by Joe Saade.

Limited edition vinyl release by Ruptured Records [Beirut] & Beacon Sound [Portland].
Wordwide distribution by Cargo Records UK.

Buy from Bandcamp HERE and from a whole lot of other nice places HERE


Ziad Nawfal in conversation with Alejandro Cohen on dublab Radio

Ziad Nawfal spoke to Alejandro Cohen at dublab Radio about alternative music in Beirut, and his 15-year experience as promoter, producer and label owner in Lebanon’s alternative music scene.
Click on the image above for the full interview, and make sure to check out the rest here, including writers Maan Abutaleb and Maha ElNabawi, musicians Adham Zidan and Zuli, and a host of others.


A performance by Zoukak Theatre Company
14, 15, 16 and 20, 21, 22 February, 8:30pm at Zoukak Studio, Beirut, Karantina

“The Love Project” studies a succession of ephemeral moments that have defined people’s various journeys. The performance involves the audience in a series of tableaux that encapsulate various love encounters; playing with the mechanisms of attraction, infatuation, daydreaming, and loss, as a process of endless re-enactments and a way to see the world through the Other.

Directed by: Maya Zbib
Performers: Lamia Abi Azar, Louloua Ghandour, Junaid Sarieddine, Nasri Sayegh and Maya Zbib
Scenographer: Nathalie Harb
Assistant director: Line Itani
Music selected and played by Ziad Nawfal — all tracks taken from the Ruptured Records catalog, 2012-2019
Light designer and technical director:
Nadim Deaibes
Technical team: Bahaa Baddour, Nourhan Fakhoury, Salim Bou Ayash, Jean Kisswany, Fadi Ajlan
Sound engineer: George Abou Zeid
Stage managers: Line Itani, Sari Shrayteh and Marianne Kortbani
Graphic designer: Maya Chami
Communication officer: Marianne Kortbani
English translation: Rayya Badran and Ziad Nawfal
Production manager: Mohamad Hamdan and Nancy Nasreddine

Buy tickets from Ihjoz. Facebook event here.