STEFAN CHRISTOFF // Interview // 21 May 2019

Ruptures had the pleasure of hosting Montreal musician and political activist Stefan Christoff in the studios of Radio Liban 96.2FM, for an interview covering the major aspects of his musical output of the last ten years or so.

Track listing:
1. Stefan Christoff: Rêves Sonores (not released yet, world premiere from upcoming album)
2. Matana Roberts & Stefan Christoff: Duet for Abdelrazik
3. Stefan Christoff: Organ rhythms under the rain (from “Tape Crash #12”)
4. Stefan Christoff: To Sophia (from “родина” with Sam Shalabi)
5. Ras Moshe and Stefan Christoff: Piano + Bells + Sax
6. Stefan Christoff: Excerpt from “Rêves Sonores à Alwan”
7. Sam Shalabi and Stefan Christoff: Elephantine (from “Flying Street الشارع الطيّار”)
8. Passage: Rêves Sonores (from “Rêves Sonores à Alwan”, with Stefan Christoff on piano)
9. Narcy featuring Shadia Mansour: “Hamdulillah” (with Stefan Christoff on piano)
10. Stefan Christoff: live solo piano set at Casa del Popolo
11. Sam Shalabi: One oud (from “родина” with Stefan Christoff)

Ruptures Radio Show // HIFIKLUB + MIKE COOPER Edition // 17 May 2019

Celebrating the 25th album release from Ruptured today!
“ARAN STORIES” is a collaboration between prolific French rock quartet HIFIKLUB and celebrated British singer and guitarist MIKE COOPER.
It is available from Cargo Records UK here.

For the occasion, we produced a radio program entirely dedicated to the music of these fine gentlemen. Listen below!

Track listing:
1. Hifiklub + Mike Cooper: Naked bridges (Ruptured, 2019)
2. Hifiklub: Jeu dit sous le vent (2019)
3. Mike Cooper: Worried life blues (2014)
4. Hifiklub + Mike Cooper: Aran stories (Ruptured, 2019)
5. Hifiklub + Lee Ranaldo: Weapons (2018)
6. Hifiklub + Jean-Marc Montera & Kramer: Vega-Tapes (Beach Boys cover, 2012)
7. The Recedents [Cooper, Coxhill & Turner]: Zombie bloodbath on the isle of dogs (1988)
8. Hifiklub + Mike Cooper: Wild torrents (Ruptured, 2019)
9. Mike Cooper: Masters at war (Bob Dylan cover, 2012)
10. Hifiklub + The Legendary Tigerman: One more chance (Nico cover, 2013)
11. Hifiklub + Mike Cooper: Gaelic falling (Ruptured, 2019)

Ruptures Radio Show // Tribute to SCOTT WALKER // 25 March 2019

Say goodbye, again… Tribute show to Scott Walker on Ruptures, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM, Beirut:

1. My ship is comin’ in / with Walker Brothers (from Take it easy, 1965)
2. I threw it all away / Bob Dylan cover (from OST To have & to hold, 1993)
3. Montague terrace in blue (from Scott 1, 1967)
4. Man from Reno / with Goran Bregovic (from OST Toxic affair, 1993)
5. Dealer (from Climate of hunter, 1984)
6. Nite flights / with Walker Brothers (from Nite flights, 1978)
7. Post meeting (from OST Childhood of a leader, 2016)
8. Time is out of joint (from OST Pola X, 1999)
9. Brando / with Sunn O))) (from Soused, 2014)
10. Tilt (from Tilt, 1995)
11. Big Louise (from Scott 3, 1969)
12. Mathilde / Jacques Brel cover (from Scott 1, 1967)
13. The old man’s back again (from Scott 4, 1969)
14. In my room / with Walker Brothers (from Portrait, 1966)
15. Cossacks are (from The drift, 2006)
16. Epizootics (from Bisch Bosch, 2012)